Creating the ultimate pre shaped metal profile, together

So, you engineered the perfect part for your
application The question is, how to bring it to reality? What material properties will it need to have? What surface finishes will it need? How will you get what you need as fast and
efficient as possible? The solution is to use a customized,
shaped steel part, and no-one shapes steel better than Bekaert We listen, we advise and we create with you We take high quality steel wire rod and transform
it using advanced shaping techniques like cold-rolling, cold-drawing, hot-rolling, and
annealing Unlike machined parts, these processes use
less energy, reduce weight and consume less material by minimizing scrap Overall, they save time and reduce your total
cost If needed, we also supply specific coatings
and surface finishes, approaching the finished product as close as possible and enabling you
to skip a number of expensive and time-consuming post-processes Bekaert produces near-net shapes for a wide
variety of industries and applications, including, but not limited to, hand tools, appliances,
agricultural equipment, springs, fasteners and hardware components But the industry that benefits most from customized
steel parts is the automotive industry Clutches, seats, engines, wipers, wheels,
steering systems and safety belts…if you want it to be stronger, lighter and more durable…
chances are a customized steel part is the right solution for you You dream it
We help you make it All you have to do is reach out to