Cooper Standard Customer Testimonial

[Music] Cooper standard has 30,000 employees we’re in 21 countries we speak approximately 15 languages we’re a automotive supplier were also into material sciences I’m a director of infrastructure and operations which means I’m responsible for technology we manage the standards their own devices but we also have the collaboration space before zoom we had multiple products that we cobbled together and it was very confusing confusing which ones tease when and then we had tools that really did the same thing but they were used in different regions and so supporting those tools was very hard we simplified all of that with zoom you can walk into a video conference room you can see the schedule and you can just walk in and say hey zoom start my meeting and that’s really what we were after zooms transform the way that we collaborate in our old solutions it was always dial in so we’re really nervous adding all that voice-over-ip on to our network we’re up to eighty percent of oil and wood zoom and boy you eliminate the cost for the dial in and the quality’s better zoom rooms is another one of those items that zoom provides that really enabled our collaboration to be so successful we schedule the room you add it to the exact same meeting that you invited everybody else to and you walk into that room and you click on start and you’re instantly in that meeting we are able to concentrate more on enabling collaboration because we don’t have to support so many other solutions it’s just one solution for all of the different scenarios zoom allows us to get down to business faster I have people all the time coming up to me and thanking me for this implementation it’s been one of our most successful implementations with zoom it’s just really easy [Applause] [Music]