Cooking Pork Chops with a Car Engine

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The National Pork Board.>>Yeah man, get some grilling tips and some recipe inspiration
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way you’ve cooked something? [laughing] Not counting the thermite.>>I’ve taken the iron in a hotel room, and just set a can on it. You know, you bunch some T-shirts
up, it makes a hot plate. I definitely will pop
the top off of a soup and rather than taking all the time to pour it into a saucepan>>Oh, you don’t want to do that.>>I’ll just set it directly
on and turn on the gas because eventually it starts
bubbling up I’m like, “It’s warming up.” [laughs]>>Oh, the depths of your
laziness knows no bounds.>>What are you talking about? Okay, you want to know lazy? Half the time I don’t
even warm up my soup.>>You just eat cold soup out of a can?>>It’s a real thing.>>Is it running down your
chin and onto your shirt?>>That happens too.>>Or your bare chest maybe,
because no one else is home? [Brian laughing] That’s happened before hasn’t it?>>Shut up.
>>It’s happened!>>I’m not comfortable with this.>>Oh my god. [chill music]>>Robot Narrator: Cooking
pork on an engine block. Sort of.>>Holy cow, Jason. This is it. This is the first episode shot fully at the new Modern Rogue
world headquarters!>>Oh yeah, from beginning to end.>>Yes.
>>It’s all right here. We’re going to cook food, we don’t even have an oven or a stove!>>Well you remember,
during the walkthrough we were talking about on this spot, we were like we have to have a cook-out, and we were thinking like when
are we going to have a cook-out, how are we going to do a cook-out,
how do we make an episode?>>I was thinking a barbecue grill.>>Yeah, but then The National
Pork Board says , “Hey, “why don’t you do something with pork?” And I’m like, “What’s the catch?” And they say, “The catch is
you have to tell everyone “that pork chops are finished “when they’re 145 degrees on the inside.”>>And you let them sit for three minutes, and it’s nutritious.
>>And also, and delicious and protein, and all that stuff, let’s cook some pork. We don’t have a grill, we
don’t have anything here, we have a freaking car I know that cooking on an engine block is technically possible. I’ve never done it, I
don’t know how to do it, I want to try it.>>All right, let’s figure it out.>>I don’t know where we’re
going to put these, but I figure let’s go ahead and prep
six of these all the same so we can be vaguely scientific about it.>>Oh this is science. You didn’t tell me there
was going to be science.>>I figure we’ll just make little pockets with a little bit of olive oil.>>We should wrap these pretty well too.>>Oh my gosh, are you kidding with all the exhaust and smoke and stuff? All right, we’ll put a
little bit of olive oil>>You have olive oil spray?>>Yeah, you’re goddamn right.>>What is this, the future?>>Put a little, this is Everything Salt, can’t go wrong with that. And I actually, I grabbed some sprigs of this is rosemary from my back yard.>>Not doing a whole
lot to make people think we’re not a couple.
[Brian laughing]>>BRIAN: All right so here, I figure we’ll double
wrap all of these, right?>>JASON: Yes, yes.>>Triple wrap. I don’t want olive oil on my engine block. That would probably cause fire.>>That’s fair. Oh, I didn’t think about
that, that could be dangerous.>>Yeah, safety and all that. Wait wait wait wait. You want the seams opposite sides. Look at that. We got this, we got this.>>Are we going to do all these the same?>>Yeah, I think we want
them as close as possible. In fact, here, you start the next one and I’m going to wrap
this in wire I guess.>>Oh, that smells good. I like that. I’m going to go heavy on it.>>I put a little wire on this
to keep this all sealed up.>>Occasionally I quote
unquote help my wife cook and there’s just a lot of, “Oh sweetheart,>>BRIAN: “What’re you doing?”>>”Brown the meat.” “What does that mean? Brown it? “What are you talking about?”>>Oh, I did read an article one dude was in the middle
of putting the stuff on there he had some wires moved around had an exposed battery terminal. Duh, don’t let metal touch your exposed battery
terminals in your car. It bridged it and it
burned the hell out of them because he showed a picture of his finger missing a little divot he was like, “There
should be flesh there.”>>Oh, oh!
>>Yeah.>>Yeah, don’t do that.>>BRIAN: That’s a lot, okay you’re good.>>JASON: Is it?
>>BRIAN: Yeah.>>You’re going to like these.>>Yeah. I will, I will.>>Where do you think the
hottest place is going to be?>>Wherever there’s metal, because metal doesn’t like
to hold onto its heat. Basically, air is a poor conductor of heat but metal is a very
good conductor of heat. So like when you finish baking a cake and you open it, stick
your hand in that air that air is 500 degrees or whatever, and you will not experience unpleasantness because it’s a poor conductor of heat, whereas if you touch the
pan that has the cake, it will be very unpleasant
and it’ll burn your body, because it’s a very
good conductor of heat. So what I figure is we want to find whatever exposed metal
parts are on this thing, or a cozy spot that’s warming up that we don’t mind it taking
a little while to get there.>>I’m thinking we put
it by the cylinders, because that’s where the explosions are.>>We got six identically seasoned chops. This is the part that I’m betting The National Pork Board
won’t be thrilled with. We got to figure out where to
shove them inside of this Jeep.>>I’m surprised they’re okay with this. [Brian laughs]>>Here, I guess let’s pop this open and I’ll go ahead and start it up and we can figure out what parts get hot. [car starting]>>Well right on the plastic it’s>>141, 142, oh you know
what we got the FLIR camera. According to this, the engine is hot. So you see that tube
over there, super cold it’s the coldest thing here. You can see that there’s hot underneath I mean obviously if we were going to tuck it all the way down here this is the part that makes
me nervous though is like I don’t want to have my car
suddenly chew up a pork chop and get ruined or nothing.>>JASON: This tube right here?>>BRIAN: Yeah.>>That is 164, 165.>>Yeah, and then down here>>JASON: Tube is 157>>Like slightly to the left.>>JASON: Right here?
>>BRIAN: Yeah. That’s, I saw 174.>>Yeah it spiked for a second.>>Eh, it’s still seems like it’s all around I mean, luckily the right
temperature I guess. Oh my god. Tailpipe, tailpipe.
>>BRIAN: Tailpipe. You didn’t fall for the
pork chop in the tailpipe?>>[laughing] The muffler like if we could strap it to the muffler, what’s the muffler at?>>Honestly, it’s only 127.>>BRIAN: Oh. I mean there’s hot stuff down there.>>Oh [beep] look at that.>>BRIAN: 400 degrees? It looks like we’re looKing into the molten core of the earth. Some day we’ll go down there.>>JASON: Yeah, I think
that’s our spot right there. Can we get there?>>I don’t think we
can set anything on it. Maybe I wire all these together as a brick so they can’t slide anywhere and they go in that sweet spot.>>Okay, do we need to
space them apart though?>>I mean, ideally, but I don’t
want them dangling all around falling all over the place. I say we do, if this is the hottest spot, I say we do three in a brick right here, and then one up top there, and then maybe two on the
tailpipe strapped on there.>>Okay. Yeah, I think you’re definitely going to have to drive
around to heat it up though.>>BRIAN: Okay. There’s no battery terminals, right, the battery’s over there. So I think we’re okay. So I’ll tuck it, yeah, right there. Here. We don’t think that’ll
slide around, right? Because when this comes
down, everything will be the flavor will be sealed in.>>Oh yeah, it’s like sous vide.>>BRIAN: Yeah. [laughs] [echoing] So we can be
vaguely scientific about it. And then the last one we’ll put I guess on the tailpipe somehow. [hood slams shut] I mean, that seems fine right?>>Sure, right?>>BRIAN: All right so
here, you put that on top I’m going to put this over actually put, maybe that should go on the inside of this first>>Oh, okay. Yep, I gotcha.>>And then set that on top. You got it?
>>JASON: Yep.>>And then tighten right, that’s on there?
>>JASON: Yeah.>>There you go.>>JASON: That’ll stay.>>So I guess what, I drive
around for a little bit it’s got to get hotter
when you’re driving around.>>Yeah, I think you’re going to have to drive for a while though.>>I mean what, five, 10 minutes?>>I’m thinking like half an hour.>>Half an hour?>>Yeah.>>Oh, but you’re one of those people who loves to overcook your pork.>>I’m not trying to overcook it. That’s not my agenda! How dare you?>>I say we check it here look, here you hold
onto the FLIR camera and the temperature gauge. Figure out the temperature now, I’ll drive around for five minutes, and then you tell me the temperature.>>The exhaust pipe is 125 degrees.>>And the pork?>>And the pork itself, 120. This isn’t going to work.
>>Again also, that’s the metal I think it’s going to work fine.>>Not going to work.>>Assuming I don’t get a pork chop in a cylinder or something I think we’re going to be good.>>The cylinder’s where
the explosions are.>>Get ready for five
minutes of hard cooking.>>JASON: All right. [car revving up]>>BRIAN: I’m building a path!>>JASON: We lost a pork chop. [echoing] That’ll stay.>>BRIAN: No!>>The decidedly not even
kind of warm pork chop.>>BRIAN: What temperature is it at?>>It’s not even close. 79.5.>>BRIAN: 79.5?
>>JASON: Yeah.>>BRIAN: That’s colder than the air.>>That’s what I was telling you. Yeah.>>BRIAN: Huh. I do want to know if the
other ones are still there. That was the one from back there, right?>>JASON: Yeah.>>What’s the temperature at?>>JASON: Oh it’s plenty
hot, it’s 172 now.>>Yeah, right?>>JASON: But yeah, I guess it just I don’t know when it fell off. [car revving]>>No, nothing’s where we left it. Except for the one block. Okay this is, this is
still room temperature. And this is off to the side. I’m going to tuck in more over here and more over here. We’re just putting everything
in that one hot spot.>>Yeah, you think?>>BRIAN: I’m more
worried about us losing it and I guess I’ll drive on
the highway for a little bit.>>I think so, yeah. [hood slams shut] It’s not going to work.>>I did do a little
bit of gardening though. I started building a path. It’s a very short course.>>JASON: There he is. [door slams]>>That was 11 minutes at highway speeds. Number one, I’ll be happy if
they’re where we left them. I realize like, what if they’re
getting delicious and juicy and then what if suddenly
like flames came out as the grease combusted or whatever. So this guy, this guy’s definitely not.>>Negative.>>All the way in, all the way in, there we go.>>Well, it’s at 100 degrees so that’s definitely not right>>Not safe. And we’re sure that’s the
hottest spot we’re able to find?>>Well hottest spot that we felt
comfortable putting the chops. Maybe our best bet is to retie it to the exhaust, and try that again.>>Man, I feel like that
fell right the heck off. At least here, everything
was right where I left it and I’m tempted, like I’d
rather just drive longer with these safe than you know, drive for a half an hour and come back and it fell off the tailpipe. You know, it’s worth
pointing out that these are yes, high temperatures, but way lower than an
oven or grill would be. So it probably will take a lot longer.>>Usually you turn the oven
up to like 350, 400 degrees.>>This is like the reverse
of the easy bake oven. This is the hard bake oven. [Jason laughing] All right, I’ll just
drive around some more.>>We’ll be here. [hood slams shut]>>It’s now been what, 35 minutes total?>>A leisurely pork cruise.>>Every time I look, I’m
just glad it’s still there. Ah yeah, says the outside is 130, 150>>Hey hey hey
>>150!>>150.>>Meat, meat thermometer.>>Right here, do it.>>I’m going to do the outside one first.>>JASON: Ah, 112.>>Let me try the top most one.>>JASON: Better, 115.>>BRIAN: 116. That’s 110. If we keep going, I’m convinced these are going to reach 145.>>You want to keep going?>>Or, we found a
flamethrower on the property.>>Let’s give it another half hour. Another half hour. All right, drive. [hood slams shut]>>BRIAN: 40 more minutes.>>You think that’s going to do it?>>BRIAN: I mean, they might
be overcooked at this point. I would love for them to be overcooked, because I’ve driven an hour in change now.>>Let’s do this.>>Everything’s still in place.>>Outside 145.>>Really?>>127, 126>>Well this is the one that’s
right next to the cooling line so maybe the stuff down there is better.>>143>>All right, here we go. This one’s going straight in 130 [Jason groaning] Here, let’s see the one on the bottom. This one says 135, it’s real close. Well I guess it makes sense that the brick would take longer. So this guy’s the closest.>>But none of them are there.>>Man, it just takes forever.>>You know what that means?>>I know, I think it means
grab the flamethrower dude. All right, in a bitter fit of irony, it turns out that not only is there a flamethrower on the property,>>There’s a grill.
>>There was a grill. [laughing] I mean in retrospect, I
guess we could’ve just uh this still says it’s at 135. So we only have 10
degrees to go on this guy. The brick was a bad idea. I think that if we drove
another 40 minutes, we would definitely be there, because we saw every 30 minutes it went up another 10 degrees, and I think it would have gotten there. But by putting them all in one big thing, that definitely means we
had to do a longer drive the little ones worked
out much much better. [blowtorch hissing] Oh no I don’t think we have much gas. This flamethrower is out of gas! It’s going to come down
right to the very end. [blowtorch hissing] That’s cheating! That’s fine. [Jason laughs]
[blowtorch hissing] Ah, this is the last of the gas! I didn’t expect the flamethrower to be you definitely just melted you melted things. You know what, the brick
is out of the story. You’re out, brick. We’re going to drift across
the finish line on this one.>>Do you have any thermite? [Brian chuckling] That worked pretty well.>>There’s a burn ban on it unfortunately, otherwise I’m so in there. You smell it right?>>Yeah, there we go. Hey can we rename your
Jeep the pork chop express?>>[laughing] Yes we can.>>JASON: What do we got?>>146! 147.>>I think that qualifies.>>Oh dude, we definitely did it. We definitely did it. This guy’s going to sit for three minutes.>>Get that other one going.>>It’s at 150 now. [blowtorch hissing] So yeah, this guy is
hanging out around 155 which makes me wonder if we should just leave this in for a bit.>>JASON: 147.
>>148, 149, do you know what I’m
almost terrified to think of? What if they really were at 145 and it just takes a while for the meat thermometer to show it?>>And you overcooked them?>>I hope they’re not overcooked. I don’t think they’re overcooked. This guy settled at,
well it’s still going up. [laughing] [silverware clatters]>>All right, moment of truth.>>BRIAN: I just want it to be beautiful and tasty, and gorgeous, and perfect. And not taste or smell like a car.>>Oh ho, well hello Mr pork chop. Smell that rosemary?
>>Yeah. Hey hey hey hey hey, holy cow. Look at that. Oh, you’ve got one of the fancy ones.>>JASON: I did. Lucky me.>>BRIAN: There it is.>>JASON: It smells really good. It smells really really good.>>BRIAN: I just realized that both of us should have knives. [laughing] I’m cutting up your
food like you’re a toddler forget it, I’m not doing it.
[Jason laughing]>>I was very happy with the progress. [Brian laughing] Mm.
>>BRIAN: Dude, that’s perfect>>That’s actually pretty damn good.>>Rosemary was the right touch.>>Yeah, I think so.>>So in this case, I think the fact that my Jeep is in good working
order was actually a problem, because all of the heat
was effectively managed.>>Oh, make no mistake though, we won.>>I mean it worked.>>We are eating pork chops>>That were cooked in an engine block. And every single time we checked, it was 10 degrees warmer on the inside than the previous time. I am absolutely certain we could
have taken 30 more minutes, but I really wanted to
play with the flamethrower and I didn’t know that the
flamethrower was out of gas. The most important part is we
hit that magic number of 145, and actually a little bit beyond.>>And that we’re eating
delicious pork chops. That’s the most important part.>>Oh yeah, thank you to our friends at The National Pork Board. Click below for more recipes
and tidbits on cooking pork.>>Yeah, my guess is you will not see drive around in a Jeep as one of them.>>Yeah, probably not.>>Flamethrower, you might though. [paper burning]>>It’s like, “Hey,
have you tried that new “Modern Rogue food truck?” Like, “Yeah, they just
have pork chops and uh “it takes like two hours.”>>You’re like, “Hey dude, been to the new “Modern Rogue food truck?” They’re like, “Yeah,
I went last Thursday.” “How was it?” “Still waiting.” [laughs]>>”The chef is out there driving around.”>>”He says he’s in Arizona. [Jason laughing]
“It’s going to be great.”