Contour SCT vs 1950 Chevy Truck – Paint, Rust & Body Filler Removal in 4 Hours! Eastwood

today we’re going to show you how the contour SCT surface conditioning tool from eastwood easily strip many layers of primer paint filler and rust from this 1950 chevy truck while only using two and a half black stripping discs and taking a mere four hours and 10 minutes plus in that time the metal is also condition and prep for paint using to finishing drums eliminating the need to go over the middle of the DA sander will also show you how little heat this tool puts into the metal plus at the end of the video will give you a link to a video showing how it stripped offender in real time without any video edits by now most of you are familiar with the contour set2 do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike are raving about this awesome new tool that’s only been out for about two months at this point Jean Winfield talk about it empire fabrication had over 600,000 views in a few days on a video they posted showing how great it works jaanwar go with a custom shop just posted a review after he easily stripped his t-bird hood and there’s many more testimonials on the eastwood contour SE t just search the internet or follow builders on social media a few days ago Andy and ryan product managers at Eastwood use the contour SE t to strip the layers and layers of primer paint filler and rust off the 1950s chevy truck and he just purchased besides showing how greatest tool works it also shows that the people at Eastwood developing our awesome tools are actual car guys doing what you do so they’re developing tools that make their lives easier mark a product engineer Eastwood develop this tool because he was trying to find a way to make stripping all those layers off a 66 Corvair easier and more efficient than ever what he ended up with is this tool that’s not only great at stripping all those layers but actually preps the metal for paint because the woven disc put some tooth in the metal which means you don’t need to go over with a DA sander the contour svt scuffs the metal for you now the truck didn’t look too bad for being over 65 years old but is a contour SE t rip through the layers it soon revealed four to five layers of paint and primer as well super thick body filler plus rust the two had no problem with any of these layers in about four hours it was strip the big fender took about 34 minutes if you’re concerned about heat the temperature of the metal was usually under 100 degrees as it was being stripped previous tests also showed how little he was put into the metal less than the Sun heats your car on a sunny summer day let’s take a quick look at this tool it has an industrial 9am motor with 6-speed control plus it has an all steel gear designed for maximum torque and long life the metal finishing drum is great for conditioning the metal prior to paint you can also use it to give a brush metal appearance it’s also good for moving light rust and paint like they did on this truck after they quickly stripped the thick layers with the stripping wheel you can also attach an expandable wheeled sandpaper for removing paint and rust in fact this setup is also nice for standing wooden decks railings and stairs now let’s show you this tool in action and show you a time-lapse video of stripping the truck and prepping it for primer ok there you have it don’t just take it from me look with the do-it-yourselfers and professionals are saying about the eastwood contour SE t if you want yours today click the length of visit if you want to see the entire video of the SCP stripping that big Chevy truck fender and real-time click the link to watch that video now ok