Connectsafe Wireless Vehicle Communication System – University of South Australia

Dedicated short range communications combines
high reliability wireless communications and GPS, allowing cars to “talk” to each other
and to roadside infrastructure such as traffic lights. This gives cars a three hundred and sixty
degree awareness of nearby vehicles, even in situations where the driver cannot see
them. Using vehicle position and speed information
received from nearby cars, an onboard computer can warn the driver of hazardous situations,
such as a vehicle running a red light or failing to give way. This helps avoid intersection collisions which
are responsible for sixty percent of multi-vehicle crashes. The technology can also help prevent level
crossing accidents. The system can alert drivers of a car braking
ahead, even when the driver’s vision is blocked by other cars or trucks. The system
can also alert drivers to approaching emergency vehicles. Infrastructure to vehicle communications can
warn drivers of roadworks and temporary reduced speed limits, for example in school zones. Real-time notification of roadworks, breakdowns
and congestion help drivers to select alternate routes. ConnectSafe Adelaide is Australia’s first
field trial and on-road demonstration of dedicated short range communications for cooperative
safety and traffic management.