Components of Automobile Engine – Part 2

Hello Friends!!! Welcome to MECHANICAL TECH HINDI Today our topic is ‘Components of Automobile Engine’ I already make a video on the same topic, in that video i discussed about 12 components of Engine i will give the link of that video in description In this video i will explain the remaining components of engine So watch this video till the end An automobile engine have so many different parts and the function and material of each part is also different I will explain each part one by one…. I will take help of these animation to explain different parts and so that you can understand each part better… if you haven’t SUBSCRIBE my channel yet please Click the SUBSCRIBE button First component is Spark Plug The function of spark plug is to emmit spark during compression stroke so that it can ignite Air/Fuel combustible mixture Now i will tell you about different components of spark plug There is a steel shell steel shell provide metal covering to spark plug Next component is resistence There is two electrodes is spark plug One is central electrode and other is ground electrode Both are made of nickel alloy so that it can withstand erosion and corrosion at high temp. Now i will tell you about how spark plug emits spark During Engine operation, high tension current flows through central electrode…. Now this high tension current ionizes the gases present between electrodes or electrode gap and this is how it produces spark you can see in blue animation, when piston is moving up spark plug emiting spark Next component is ‘Piston’…. Red arrow is pointing towards piston and it is connected to connecting rod Next is ‘Piston rings’ This is piston ring and it is attached to piston Next is ‘Push Rods’ Next is ‘Governor’ Next component is ‘Carburetor’ this is an important component of Engine Next is ‘Fuel Pump’ Next component is ‘Fuel Injector’ This is fuel injector Next component is Gudgeon Pin I have explained about this in the first part of this video Gudgeon pin attaches piston and piston rod together Next component is ‘Sump’ Last component is ‘Distributor’ It is an important part of engine I hope you like this video Please like, share and comment Please Subscribe ‘MECHANICAL TECH HINDI’