Company Downgraded Me To A OLD SEMI TRUCK | 2016 Freightliner Cascadia LONG HAUL Over The Road |

[Music] [Music] [Music] what’s up guys welcome back to another video my name is rusty and we are back truck driving coast-to-coast around America and we have a new truck yes the company gave me an older Freightliner Cascadia and this thing is not that great compared to the new one of course I do not mind it at all because they’re running out of trucks and one of the trucks was getting fixed my Volvo was actually already completely done is getting maintenance work done on it check engine light got deleted on it if you guys remember I drove that new 2019 Volvo for a bit I mean that happens they gave me this rental truck and I have to kind of be with it for about a week or two until I come back and they’ll give me a new truck again but this is what I got I mean from the outside it doesn’t look too bad at all just the front end is you know the old-style one and the interior is the worst part of this whole truck and I’ll show you that in a minute there is a lot of negatives of this truck like it only goes 70 miles per hour I’m used to going 75 in Texas I guess 70 will do and acceleration is so slow I put the pedal to the metal and this thing’s takes like five seconds just to spool up and just go I’m not sure if this is a Penske rental thing and they put this special governor in here so you know it doesn’t have torque eNOS but I don’t know what’s going on with this thing there’s no check engine lights or anything but this thing is so slow and barely even passed people I’m only loaded 70,000 gross I have 11 8 on my steers and then I have like 31 and then 20 something in the back so it’s very light I mean I’m used to 80,000 gross so if this takes total 70 this thing should pool but it doesn’t it is so slow not sure what’s going on the only positive thing about this truck is we have a try pack if you guys do not know what a try pack is these try packs cost about three grand and it’s awesome because you can turn off your truck you don’t have to have it idling you get heating and cooling from this thing so yeah the truck is off and you get AC and you get heat inside the truck so that is awesome that is one plus about this truck well yep old school old school yeah very plain in here I have a nice little rental stain right there I swear I didn’t do this it was already there I try to clean it off and I can’t so I’ve just got to deal with it I guess I should buy a seat cover and put it on here for the two weeks I live in this truck but man this thing is just rough yeah we have the old school – right here old school steering wheel uh I got a deal with it I guess I mean I got my simple stuff I got my GPS I got my logbook I got my other GPS so it’s like you know in a row also I got my dash cam connected right there I know there’s a bunch of stuff going on I can explain it I swear I can explain it so this plug right here does not work so I have to buy this extension thing a split and the split had to go to this little tiny inverter and this inverter had to plug in to this tablet and then it also powers my GPS my dash cam and my phone charger everything off this little tiny inverter I bought for Walmart for like 10 bucks but I mean I just got a deal with it this little plug doesn’t work so what am I gonna do you know this is just temporary there’s my bedroom for these two weeks and it’s not bad I thought it was gonna be a lot dirtier in here than it is up front but actually it’s not it’s a lot cleaner than I thought slightly old school but I kind of liked it I mean it has this little tiny thing here for food and then I got my fridge here that’s obviously taped up with this tape because I was driving and then this thing keeps flopping open and all my food flies out this fridge is super tiny I mean it’s like a foot by a foot I could barely stick my Lunchables and bread in there and I got my little grape juice you know what I’m saying this thing does have this locking mechanism here but it does not work I don’t know why it’s supposed to be locking but it doesn’t work you know welcome to the 1980s oh and I didn’t know if I mentioned it but this is a 2016 model I thought it was a 2017 I just looked at that sticker says 2016 dang this is a five year old truck that has 73,000 miles yeah and it’s wow it’s still driving so let’s do our pre trip real quick and we’ll be on our way [Music] [Music] oh and did I mention how loud it is in this truck compared to the other truck yeah it’s super super loud I don’t know why it’s maybe twice as loud as the new ones I guess the new ones are the new gens so you know they made it way more comfortable for the drivers Sweet Home Alabama welcome to miss some pissy weigh station coming up let’s see if they pull me in all righty we’re good to go let’s let this oversized pass and keep going to Louisiana I don’t know if I explained it to you guys but I am going coast to coast I left Charlotte yesterday North Carolina and I am going to Phoenix dropping off a load and then I am going to California Los Angeles area I know the corona virus is out there hopefully I don’t get infected man that’s gonna suck [Music] [Applause] all right morning everybody we made it to almost Dallas got my refill coffee and I try to fuel up yesterday but all the pumps were closed and today they’re still all closed I don’t know what’s up with this TA every time I come to this TA something’s wrong the pumps are closed or something’s broken I don’t know what’s wrong with this TA but I’m not gonna stop here no more it’s the only one right when you enter Texas and before you enter dal is so whatever I’m not gonna get too mad I got a little bit of diesel left I’m gonna fuel up in a couple hours I wanted to fill up last night or today but yesterday from outside of Atlanta and almost made it to outside of Dallas so that’s 700 miles for that day that kind of sucks I usually go about 750 miles per day and I made myself a little sandwich I’m waiting for my PTI to be over I already did my PTI I’m trying to not to eat out as much this trip because it gets expensive and eating out is just so much greasy food it’s kind of annoying already so I’m trying to make my own food as much as I can until it’s all gone and then I’m gonna start eating out what you gotta do you know well I did my PT I already but I want to show you guys one of my rear trailer tires it’s kind of kind of iffy the sides of it is wearing off pretty uneven right here but the tread itself is good except on the side it’s wearing out uneven I’m not sure what’s going on I checked the pressure pressure is good so don’t know but it’s it’s good to go I’m pretty sure this shouldn’t be a violation right here all right we are ready to go I don’t know if I could show you my shifter setup here so pretty much you press this little button in here press the brake and then shift it into drive reverse it’s a super sketchy like a weird little fiddly thing it’s old-school but I mean it works and I also have a gauge right there that says I’m in second gear right now and then if I can put a neutral says neutral reverse so whatever it’s good for now I’m just I want to go to California and trade this truck in for something else hopefully they give me another newer truck cuz this thing is too slow for me I need something that zips by Texas so I can make more money you know what I’m saying [Music] I got a lot of people asking me where do I fuel up most of the time and it’s usually TAS and Petros because two things my company gets a discount at TAS and Petros and I use the ultra one card for all my points at TAS and petrol so I save up and I get free food free showers and free items at TAS and Petros so that’s why and I have a lot of people asking me to record while I fuel up and stuff like that and I’m not sure why you guys want me to do that the only thing I could tell you is I wear gloves while fueling up because these nozzles are so disgusting you have to wear gloves because you want to get into your truck nice and clean that’s the only tip I can give you guys I don’t know why you guys were over meter will record you know while I’m filling up but yeah dang only got 165 gallons that’s barely anything my Volvo was putting out 300 gallon tanks this one’s only 200 so kind of sucks but it doesn’t make a difference every day I’m just gonna fuel up and with this ultra one card you get one point per day every time you fill up more than sixty gallons so even if it’s half a tank I’ll fill up 60 gallons just to get that extra point for free meals and showers it’s not bad not bad alright let’s get back on the road don’t want to waste too much time I know a lot of truckers love to just hang around cuz they have you know three hours of off-duty you know they get to chill around and stuff like that then the eleven hours drive time I don’t like doing that I like to just hit the road go as far as I can with my eleven hours and try to make the most money I don’t like killing you know I’m on the road to make money trying to get at least 700 miles in today I’m gonna try for 750 but with this 70 speed limit on my truck I don’t know I don’t know if I can trying to make it up this hill almost 35 miles per hour up this little tiny hill I don’t know what’s wrong with this truck is super weak only towing 70k I don’t know [Music] [Applause] [Music] taking my 30 minute break pretty cool little rest area see what I want thing this beef Jerky’s almost fell off maybe if I buy one of these Cheetos come on dang it so close whatever oh well couldn’t do a two-for-one but whatever I’m about to take my 30 eat maybe a little bit of food and keep going [Music] [Music] good morning good morning we are in Las Cruces New Mexico and we drove about 750 miles yesterday I got my tea a coffee the nastiest coffee in all of truck stops we are almost at our location in Phoenix Arizona we have about six seven hours to go and we’re gonna do a first drop and then we are on our way to California Los Angeles and I need to explain something to you guys I know that there is a hundred percent something wrong with this truck the clutch is not slipping but every time I try to accelerate or I’m backing up into a parking space the clutch shudders really really bad and whole truck stalls sometimes it’s an automatic I know automatic it stalls because there’s in these trucks there’s still a clutch there isn’t a torque converter or anything like that and sometimes if I’m jackknife thinking too hard to put it pull it into a spot it stalls out so it’s kind of weird but sometimes when I accelerate forward the truck starts jumping up and down like the clutch is squeaking and stuff like that and then it starts going fine when you get some speed the truck drives fine so I’m not sure what’s going on it’s a rental I’m just gonna let it be hopefully when I make it to California I can just delete this truck and trade it in for something newer if the boss is layer obviously [Music] well I made it to my first drop-off but I cannot get offloaded until two more hours so I guess break time let’s see if there’s any food around here I ate out I try not to eat out but I did because I wanted some fresh coffee but guess what I’ve discovered so remember when I told you guys this pedometer said 70,000 miles right now it’s 75,000 miles seven five zero five 9,000 miles right I’ve done a little bit of research I went on the door it says last wheel I met was done in 2016 with 230,000 miles that’s suspicious and then I went over here and it says last inspection done at 700 and 1,000 miles two months ago so this truck has 700,000 miles not the 75,000 miles that it specifies as I knew this thing felt super slow and sluggish and I was like there’s no way at 75,000 miles yeah this thing has over 700,000 miles I’m not sure why it’s showing 75,000 miles there could be a mistake happening or they could have switched out the speedometer I’m not sure and also if you guys are wondering how to check how much horsepower is in these older Cascadia ‘s you just go to the glovebox open it up and the sheet is right here this one is a DD 15 14 point 8 liter 475 horsepower this thing feels like it has 300 horsepower that’s how slow it is getting offloaded now and then we’ll be heading to California actually I’m gonna be sleeping for tonight and I have no place to park because the truck stop is all booked up you have Phoenix kind of sucks parking is always so scarce but whatever we kind of park in right here on the side of the road there’s no signs that says no parking but there is alongside that one over there whatever Oh actually there’s a sign right there no parking anytime it’ll be fine I’ll wake up early in the morning and head out to California at my drop off in the middle of Los Angeles the center of Mexico and I did not know the homeless problem was this bad there’s campers all along the sides right there there’s a bunch of campers right there I went over there I don’t want to record over there because it was pretty sketchy there’s like I don’t know maybe ten people inside that one with the little tarp on there it’s kind of sketchy so I don’t want to get any closer than I have to but yeah we’re gonna get offloaded and then maybe pick something else up and then head to the warehouse in Ontario all right let’s get out of here look at all of these campers oh my goodness how does the city allow this just let them park here there is some really really tight streets here to downtown Los Angeles oh my goodness man how I missed Los Angeles California or all of California actually I love this traffic company just texted me telling me I have to do a small pickup and then go to the warehouse so let’s go do that now well they loaded me up pretty fast I’m surprised California usually takes a sweet time well I’m back at the warehouse and it is super windy outside I don’t know if you guys gonna be able to hear me I’m gonna try to cover up the camera as best as I can but we made it and I’m not sure what’s going on from here I might just do my reset and then head back out to the East Coast thanks guys for sticking around watching my channel and don’t forget to buy my merch and subscribe like and like always enjoy guys I appreciate it for watching deuces [Music] [Music] [Music]