COD Automotive Technology Program

[ Music ]>>There’s technicians retiring. There’s technicians
getting out of the business. There’s a change in what
we need for technicians.>>So things are
really exploded. Things are driving
a lot of change.>>To start in a career where
there’ll be big changes, you’ll be-you’re like a pioneer.>>There’s convergence now
between the high-tech industry and the automotive industry. So it’s not the dirty, greasy
industry that has a bad name.>>The technicians have
to keep up with that. And the ones who are sharp
with it, the sky’s the limit. Look, if you can fix
the car, they’re going to give you more cars to fix. You’re going to make more money.>>I know technicians that
are making six figures.>>There’s always a
need for technicians. Always. [ Music ]>>So our program
is really focused on helping the students
achieve their educational and career goals. We want to get them a job. We offer a two-year AS
degree in automotive. You can also get a certificate, a series of certificates
actually, in one year. We have professional
students who come in and take the bar-certified
class for their smog license. We’re the only place
in the Coachella Valley that can do those classes.>>And when they go through
that standard program. So automotive technology, they
will learn all eight areas of the automotive field. Those are our major areas
from brakes, suspensions, steering, and electrical. With our advanced one, they’re
going to learn a little more of tomorrow’s technology. So our alternative fuels. Our fuel cell.>>We’ve, over the
past four years, been able to buy
an electric Fiat with my favorite color orange. We’ve purchased the most
advanced Prius out there with heads-up display and doesn’t even use a
traditional heating system. We’ve purchased a
Mirai fuel cell car. We’re NATEF certified. We’re nationally
certified as an institution that properly trains
technicians.>>So the program is a
lot of hands-on training.>>Learning how to work on a
car today it’s not just the mechanical you know
[inaudible] take this off and put that back on. It’s more to it. You have to be critical thinker. You have to understand
how multiple systems work. Because all those systems
interact with each other.>>When I took CMG and
master gas classes? You know, that prepared
me for, you know, if I wanted to go work on buses.>>There’s more and more and
more electric cars, hybrid cars. More hydrogen cars. That’s the future.>>We’re not mechanics anymore. We’re technicians because
of that technical aspect.>>What I loved about the
college is they gave you job skills. But they also get you
ready for interviews. Just mentally get you ready
for what they will ask you. They help you with your resume.>>So we have a partnership
with Chrysler Corporation and their apprenticeship
program. And that’s just amazing. They let each of our students
get a Chrysler technician ID number. They can take the first
two levels of training. No charge. When they walk into
a Chrysler dealer and they’ve com-completed
the first two levels, they want them.>>The program as a whole
prepared me for just about anything I can
probably find out about here.>>The program’s
helped me a lot. It gave me the skills,
the confidence. I, I, I truly feel
that I am where I am because of the program. [ Music ]>>I was fortunate that
the program I went through, I came out with no debt.>>The college has done
some amazing things. By promising the
first year no charge if they’re going
to go full time. There’s scholarships. There’s grants.>>Some of the guys that I’ve
met here at work, they’ve come from some other trade school. And [inaudible] they all come
out with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of debt.>>And it’s huge when
you’re done in two years, having no bill, versus
having $30,000 that you have to pay off. [ Music ]>>There are so many
career paths.>>But we have students who
want to run their own shop. We have students that want
to be into management.>>You have racing. I have a lot of students
that are into racing, and it starts here
because you have to learn how that vehicle works. Couple of our graduating
students are working at Toyota Corporate. And one, another one of our
students is working with GM on their hydrogen product. So he went through that
advanced technology degree, learned about it. And is now pursuing that field.>>Yeah, there’s always
new opportunities arising.>>As long as you’re
willing to learn, and, and you have the passion
for it, it could happen.>>My biggest goal is
to own a tire shop. And I’d also like to
teach what I know.>>I know so many women that
started off as, as lube techs and became master techs. Own their own shop.>>I started here,
been here 2012. Started as a [inaudible]
technician. Just a regular lube tech. To become part of management, but to become the service
center manager, it took about, about maybe two years. Two and a half years or so.>>If it’s management
or even engineering, if you want to progress
and expand. This company really will
not get in your way. [ Music ]>>There’s really no
gender gap anymore. And if this is what you want
to do, we’re looking for you. Male and female.>>I’d say that if you
are thinking about being in the automotive industry, I
would start as soon as possible. It is going to open so many
doors for you in the future.>>When I first started
working here, I was still living
with my parents. You know, as I’ve progressed,
I’ve made more money. It’s allowed me to buy a house.>>In the future hopefully I
would want to be an engineer. And I know with my
associate’s degree, that can help me out a lot. [ Music ]