Clever Car Hacks

I’m to that scene in la-la land when
Ryan Gosling helps Emma Stone find her car by telling her to hold her key fob
up to her chin there’s no way that’s true right
wrong the typical key fob only functions up to a few dozen feet but you can
extend that range considerably by literally turning your head into an
antenna by holding your key fob up to your chin you combine its ability to
conduct a signal with that of your fluid-filled melon hey it worked that
got us to thinking about some other common sense car hacks
hiding out in the open too obvious to admit you didn’t know like how to de fog
your windshield when it’s cold outside like where I am today
fog tends to form on the inside of the windshield when you run the heat and add
moisture to the air when you breathe and that causes a driving hazard start by
turning your heater down or off this will help equalize the cold inside
and outside temperatures turn on your defroster to the max but on a cooler
setting be sure to turn off your air recirculation feature leaving it on will
simply recirculate humid air conversely when it’s hot and humid outside the cold
air from your air conditioner will cause condensation to form on the outside of
your windshield obviously the first thing you can do is wipe away the
condensation with your windshield wipers then turn that a/c down are entirely off
to help balance the temperature and again turn off that recirculated air
crank up the defroster on a warmer setting or just roll down your windows
but what about when you’re in an unfamiliar car like in a rental car for
example or maybe you’re just the kind of person who can never seem to remember
what side the fuel tank is on as you pull into the gas station just take a
look at that little gas pump icon near your fuel gauge see that little arrow
it’s on the right side of the gas pump your fuel cap is on the right it’s on
the left your cap is on the left admit it some of you didn’t know that now you
won’t have to do any more precarious eleven-point turns trying to line up
with the gas pump as your fellow fillers up look on with judgy expressions