Classic Motor Cars (CMC) Ltd | Classic & Sports Car Show 2015

I’m today now joined with Nick Goldthorp from CMC Limited. And we’re going to be talking about two of their very special cars they’ve got here today Nick, firstly about this ‘Jaguar’ that you’ve got can you tell us a little bit about it, it’s an ‘XK150’ and I understand it’s a very rare car because it’s had very limited ownership
and very limited production Yes, this an XK 150s 3.4 roadster, they only made 44 right-hand drive versions so it is very rare indeed. We haven’t
done any restoration to this particular car We bought it recently and we’ve gone through it can mechanically, serviced it So you’re here to sell it today? Absolutely I’m trying to, yes And what would you imagine you’d like to see this car return you? well it’s on sale at £195,000 nearest
offer a little bit of wiggle room as it Or nearest offer? (laughs) Yeah, there’s a little bit of wiggle room, as there always is It’s in original colours? It’s in its original colours. It’s got full history from 1958 right the way through to 2015 We know that the XK 120 was the
original predecessor in this car then then the XK 140. What came after the 150? The E-Type 1961 saw the introduction of the 3.8 Series 1 E-Type roadster which you know wowed the world and continues today. Okay Nick thank you very much we’ll go and talk about the ‘TR5’ now Now, I’ve gotta firstly register an interest
here, I had a 1969 TR5 so I know a little bit about these cars and this one
in teal blue is a fabulous looking car can you tell us a little more about it Well it’s a very unique car, it’s the first TR5 to come off the production line its is very original, it has not been restored it’s just been serviced and
well-maintained through out it’s life So as a modern classic are ‘Triumphs’ now making a comeback we haven’t seen a new Triumph car in many many years so you know, Spitfires, TR’s, Dolomites, Stags are they are making a comeback now as classics? Yes, they are becoming collectable, obviously the values of them are quite low and they’re a good, what we would call, a good starter classic you know, somebody could get into them without spending fifty, sixty thousand this one is just under eighty thousand Yeah it is an expensive TR5 (but a beautiful one) it’s number one mechanically this is very good, it runs and
drives very well, it’s very well sorted So maybe I’ll have to get out my chequebook out for this one then That would be good, or we could do a deal (laughs)