Cirrus V2X Network Operations Center | #PanasonicCES 2019

Panasonic is a leader in intelligent transportation systems. Chris, it’s really exciting. Tell me all about what you guys have been doing. So imagine it like a central nervous system. It’s exactly almost what it represents. If we can understand exactly what’s happening on all our different roadways at all different times with connected vehicle technology, we can gain an entirely new level of situational awareness. We’re building the world’s first production-grade software platform that allows departments of transportation to harness the unprecedented data scale that connected vehicles are going to bring to our roadways. We absolutely are focused on traffic as our starting point that our network operation center is like our traffic management center. But it can extend to all sorts of other data use, and so you can improve safety in a significant way, and you can reduce congestion in a significant way. Some of the biggest systems today still are processing less than a million messages a second. And we’ll far exceed that in the very near term. Chris, it’s been great talking to you today.
Thank you for spending time with me. Yes. Very nice to talk with you Peggy. Thank you.