Cheapest way to Install Paint Protection Film on your car l My case Tesla Model 3 and 3M PRO PPF DIY

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video today in this video I want to talk a little bit of protecting your paint
your front part of Tesla Model 3 or whatever car you have Tesla Model S X or
yeah it can be another car as well but in my case the Tesla Model 3 front
bumper the hood the headlamps and the fog lamps and also the the old front
part of the car and also I want to talk a little bit about protecting the the
edges the down edges of the car right there where the paint can be rusted very
fast under the paint chips can be added some no problem so first time let’s
start with what I did and how I protect it and the cheapest mode that I find to
protect the Tesla Model 3 and the front of the car and also I will give you the
link in the description where I buy the old all the stuff that I use and let me
show you how I do it in the video I will show you how I do it
and then yeah if you want to buy it you can use the link if you are in Europe
there I think is the best the most cheap place where you can buy also I recommend
it to to use the 3m paint protection film the pro I think free m-pro paid
protection film this is the best the best of the market I think is the newest
this one on the market and it’s a little bit more flexible than before one this
one the new one it’s it’s very easy to install you can do it yourself you don’t
have to go to a garage to pay like three four five thousand to paint protect your
your car because we all know the oldest front part will be full of
stones in one year or two years so if you want to pay protect it for a long
time this is the best best way even those headlamps here they will get
yellow with time they will get a lot of stones and chips on them and they will
be eventually have to be changed or they look not so good even the hood here will
be full of chips up here at the bumper down here as well and even this this fog
lamp plastic here will be yeah we broke with time and you don’t want this this
front bumper to be full of stones so let me start to show you first time how my
car look after I did it after I did it I did it for the first time – the first
time when I do that I didn’t have any help I just I I didn’t do it perfectly I
did it in the cold weather so it’s not recommended to do it in the cold weather
because the paint protection film is not so flexible I recommend it to do it in
hot when it’s hot outside over 20 degrees then the paint protection film
it’s it’s flexible and it’s easy to install even on the hard bumpers like
this one here I have to tell you I install it from two or three parts so
one part it’s the upper part let’s just let go and show you let me go and show
you guys so I install just the half of it just I
cut it I cut the the down part and I install it separately the down part and
upper part I install it from one piece the this part and up there I put another
piece so I do it from three pieces the bumper because was very hard to do it in
the cold weather and I recommend it to be very hot outside and to install it
when it’s hot because it’s much more easy and you need help to person have to
do that you have to stretch it you have to pull it and then it will go we will
go very good but I do it from free part because in the summer I want to take it
out the next summer so maybe for six months it will be great but in the
summer I will take it out the bumper and I will make it again but surprisingly I
make this I make myself the the hood I make myself and it’s work perfectly it’s
just perfect I’m happy with it probably I will take this out as well but I’m not
sure if it’s doing great I will probably let it leave it for longer maybe two or
three years and then I do it again this new protection film paint protection
film you have like 10 years warranty and you can leave it
five six years without any problem but I will probably change it because I want
to make it perfectly in somewhere in somewhere the film will stretch better
and it will look perfect so right now yeah I’m happy with it I’m happy with
the hood but it can be better than that so yeah you can see for yourself from
the closer sometimes it has some some points and some bubbles right here if
you look closely but for me I don’t care if you look from here from one – oh you
don’t even notice you can see here is normal paint and there is the there is
the paint protection film you don’t even see the difference again the same thing
with headlamps if you look closely they look very well not so bad but it has
some little little little problems for example here maybe I will take it out in
the summer maybe not but I think I do a great job because if you look from here
nobody come close to your car to look at it and to say oh what do you have here
you have paint protection here but if you look from here it looked perfectly
you don’t even see the difference between them and you don’t have to pay
so many mod so much money for a job that you can do it yourself in one day so I
recommend it – by yourself and install yourself and yeah I will leave it the
link in the description if you want to do that and I will show you also the the
whole process of how I do that and if you want to do it yourself you can do it
but in the next images in the video I will show you the process I will show
you some image how I install this paint protection film and how you can do it
and yeah if you like it if you can try it if you don’t like it you cannot try
it but yeah by the way if you want to do it just this is the process this is the
cheapest way to paint protect your your car and also by the way I almost forget
something you have to add the paint protection down here as well I didn’t do
it yet I have an old paper addiction I have to
take it out and I have to install it again but this part is very important
and this one too when I have time when it would be hot
maybe in the summer I wait a little bit under someone and I install it maybe I
want to make the old car alone so I will try to make the whole car in the summer
when it will be like 30 degrees or more and will be longer days and then I will
do the whole car and I think with with five hundred dollars five hundred six
thousand six hundred dollars you can do the whole car with if you buy it
yourself the best quality paint protection film and I will use this free
m-pro serious if I am NOT wrong it’s cold is the last one is the better it’s
very easy to stretch it not like the Chinese one or stuff like that so anyway
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