Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Service by Chuck’s Mobile Car Detail Pittsburgh

Arriving To Customer’s Home in Pittsburgh, Pa Tesla Model S 75D Before Ceramic Coating Service Getting Set Up and Ready To Start 8 Hour Paint Paint Protection Process on The Tesla Exterior At Their Home Garage. Whole Exterior Detailed Extensively to Begin Prep. Starting With Wheels and Tires. Before. After. Now Cleaning and Detailing The Rest of The Tesla Exterior Next, Chuck Clay Bars Entire Exterior To Smooth Out Deeper Contaminants. This Will Increase Shine Quality & Form a Better Ceramic Coating Bond For Longer Paint Protection. We Use Crimson Shield From GreatCarWax.com As a Quality Clay Bar Lubricant Spray. Next It’s Time To Tape Off Sections To Begin Machine Buffing For Paint Correction. Whole Tesla is Now Machine Buffed by Steve to Remove 70% – 95% Paint Defects Like Swirls and Scratches. Our At Home Ceramic Coating Service Protects The Vehicle For 5 Years & is Ideal to Paint Correct Until it is in it’s Best Form Before The Car is Preserved. After Paint Correction, The Whole Vehicle Will be Prep Wiped With Ceramic Coating Prep Spray or Wax Stripper to Remove Any Waxes or Sealants On The Car. To Get 5 Years Plus of Paint Protection, Simple Steps Like These Must Be Performed To Get The Best Bond Possible To The Clear Coat. Finally, 7 or 8 Hours of Exterior Detailing and It Is Time To Apply A Good 5 Year Ceramic Coating Kit To The Paint and Optional Wheels Plus Windshield. Applying 9h Ceramic Coating To The Exterior Paint To Resist Scratches, Chips, Swirls, and Oxidation For 5 Years. Finished and Now Time to Cure Without Getting Rained On For At Least 48 Hours. Over 48 Hours, The Shine Will Be Fantastic and Like Glass. Make an Appointment For Your Vehicle to Get Ceramic Coated At Your Home Garage. We Service Most States & Based in Pittsburgh, Pa. Text Chuck 412 726 6092 or Visit Our Website Above. Thanks For Watching.