Celebrating 150 years of lubricant innovations

“Quality will win. Believe it.” [NARRATOR:]
With this statement, Hiram Bond Everest
opened a sales meeting in Rochester, New York, in 1879. Despite growing competition
from cheaper, inferior products, Everest refused to compromise on quality
with this same commitment he founded the Vacuum Oil Company in
1866 – a business built on new petroleum based lubricants and his patented vacuum distillation process. Soon after, 600 W cylinder oil and other Vacuum Oil lubricants were being used to make goods and move them around the world – helping to push the Industrial Revolution forward. The company’s dedication to
lubrication services began in the 1890’s, when Vacuum started
offering on-site application expertise as well as instructional booklets that
preached the 3 R’s of correct lubrication: [OTHER VOICE:]
The right oil, in the right place, at the
right time. [NARRATOR:]
Hiram Everest’s company became part of
what is now our company – ExxonMobil. And his adherence to the highest standards
of quality lives on in what we do every day – employees and distributors, equipment
builders and customers working together to keep the world moving. Our lubricants have not only kept pace with
machine innovation, they’ve enabled it. In 1877, inventor George Selden nearly
gave up on the first gas-powered automobile before we provided an oil
that would not burn up or break down. We supplied lubrication for the first electric
generating station, which lit up the world. in 1901, we developed our groundbreaking
D.T.E. oil to handle the special demands of a new engine from Rudolph Diesel. With help from our marine lubricants, the
Mauretania set the trans-Atlantic speed
record. After seven predecessors had failed,
Charles Lindbergh counted on us to keep
his one engine running a thousand miles
from land. In the 1940s we created Mobiloil 95, so a 500-ton telescope on Mt. Palomar could rotate friction-free, and give us the stars. And that’s where we headed, by keeping key components moving on
Space Shuttle missions. We reached milestones and many others – not by going along for the ride, but
by making breakthrough discoveries that redefined the power of lubrication. After discovering polyalphaolefins in 1949, we led the way in developing synthetic
lubricants that make high-performance engines and machinery reliable. Today, the world faces new challenges. And together, we’ll drive innovation to keep the world moving. Hiram Everest’s belief that “quality wins”
has, without question, stood the test of
time. After 150 years it remains a defining characteristic of our products, our people and our success in the future.