Cecil’s Cement Mixer Gets All Spick-And-Span | Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoons For Kids

– Easy does it. (beeping) Perfect. – Thanks Donna, I’ll take it from here. – No problem, Cecil. (upbeat music) I love watching cement spread. When it dries it’ll be
smooth and as hard as a rock. (whistle blowing) Excellent, time for lunch. I wonder if Harvey’s
Hot Dog truck is nearby? Time to get outta here. But first things first! (gears grinding) (splashing) Oh no! – I love watering my grass. (truck horn honking) Whoa! Hello there. How can I help you? – Hi Carl, I’m Cecil. I need your washing services. I had a little accident. – Alright, let’s get down to business. (light music) What kind of vehicle are you driving? Is the vehicle a cement
mixer, backhoe or a digger? That’s it, a cement mixer. Now, let’s see how messy it is. Is it a little messy, medium
messy or super duper messy? – Better hurry up Carl, before
the cement dries completely! – Of course, Cecil. There’s no time to waste. It’s definitely super duper messy. Let me see what kind of mess this is. Hm, it’s wet in some areas
and dried out in others. Is it slippery banana peels, sticky honey or crusty cement? That’s it, crusty cement. And finally, what size is this vehicle? Is it normal sized or is it big? Whoa, that’s pretty big. That’ll be 16 tokens, Cecil. – Incredible. – It is isn’t it? But you better hurry inside before the cement gets any crustier. – Oh sure. I’ll be quick and count by twos. Two, four, six, eight, ten,
twelve, fourteen, sixteen. (truck engine revving) Here I go. (light music) Wow. Whoa. (bubbling) (machine whirring) (fan blowing) (truck engine) There’s not a speck of cement to see! Thanks for the service, Carl. – Certainly. – Well, I gotta go for a spin. Maybe I’ll see ya again sometime. – I have a feeling you will, soon. See ya, Cecil. (cracking) (brushing) Oh no. (light music)