Casting Car Emblems from 3d printer to METAL casting / vehicle restoration – Lost PLA Method #pla7

Hey guys,
I received an email me the other day and someone asked me if it was possible to make car emblems
with Lost PLA Casting and my answer was, of course, yes.
If I had an original emblem hand, my first choice would be Lost Wax Casting, but without
one there’s an amazing number of 3D Print files out there. Thingiverse is an obvious
place to start. I also had a go at making this one using Fusion
360. Here I’ve printed Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes,
Toyota and Ford. They’re just examples and it’s worth noting none of these are to scale.
I edited a few of the 3D files to include sprues on the prints.
For best results, good preparation is important… sanding away the printer lines and filling
in any voids with wax. But as this was for demonstration, I didn’t do much in honesty.
I designed a sprue within Fusion 360 to incorporate a pouring basin and tapered sprue arrangement.
I also included square recesses to receive pegs.
The PLA casting tree gets covered in investment plaster. It’s cooked for several hours according
to manufacturer’s guidelines. I do this in my home made electric foundry and during
which time all the PLA and wax melt away. I completely cocked this one up.
I’m still experimenting with the media in my Vibration Tumbler. It’s still sand with
a little steel shot in it. I’m not looking for polishing here – just something to remove
any stubborn plaster. A here you go guys… car emblems cast using
the Lost PLA method. They’re not to scale, but you get the idea. And whilst you might
think bronze is the wrong colour, bronze is an ideal metal to have chrome plated.
I hope you enjoyed this one guys. Take care and thanks for watching.