Cars Only Stupid People Buy

rev up your engines Marissa says Scotty I’m new to your channel I’m in the market for my first car saw a 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5 s
118 thousand miles for 2400 clean thanks for your videos I’ve learned a lot okay
we’re gonna learn even more now don’t buy that car
those are absolute piles of junk Nissan Altimas 2005 2.5 s they blew head
gaskets up the automatic transmission the transmissions are weak and they fall
apart do not buy that car $2,400 I wouldn’t give 12 miles for that car
they’re horrible cars don’t buy the car you want to buy an older car like that
get yourself a Toyota or a Honda get a Corolla or get a Civic they can run
forever and you don’t have to worry about all the problems that those
Nissan’s have do not buy that Nissan if you value your money
Ricky Bobby says what scan tool works on a Model T these scanners your eyes in those days man that the tools were like a hammer a giant screwdriver are simpler
days yeah but realized at the same time that simplicity required a tremendous
amount of maintenance my grandfather was a mechanic back then on those almost every winter you would have to pull the head off the engine you’d have to physically
clean the valves put the engine back together but I’ve seen bills from back
in the days and back in those days take the engine off cleaned the valves and
put them back in again the whole bill was like 2 dollars and 50 cents people
didn’t make much money back in the day either so things needed more maintenance they were simpler and cheaper but you didn’t
have to work out a lot more than the modern cars minor cars will last longer
when they’re well built wolf Masterson say Scotty’s a 2020 Toyota Camry TRD
sport a good car oh yeah see the thing about the TRD that’s the Toyota Racing
and that’s where they make their fancier stuff better suspension zippier
transmissions little more horsepower the engine yeah they’re good vehicles you
know you pay a little bit more for but if you want to keep it forever and
you’re a racy driver go ahead all my customers they have any of the various
TRD from that to the 4runners the trucks that have them and stuff they’re really
happy with them cuz they know what they were getting into
versus says Scotty hello from Toronto I have a p0456 evap leak very
small leak on my 2013 genesis coupe should I be concerned car runs fine
there any more emissions tests if you got a small small evap leak and it runs fine go ahead
and drive it it doesn’t really mean all that much if it doesn’t affect the
running of the cars the evap stuff is only to keep the evaporation of gasoline
from going into the atmosphere instead it goes through filters and then it will
burn it in the car that gets too much and so it’s burnt instead of gone into
the atmosphere and it really doesn’t detect all that much but yeah I’d love
to know more if Canada stop doing emissions I said I think it’s a smart
move myself because it was such a scam in the first place
dirt and snow says I bought a 2008 Toyota Tundra 5.7 liter v8 one hundred
and five thousand miles I later found out it started as a rental
what should I look out for well I mean it’s older now and got 105 thousand
miles so as long as it runs okay I just keep taking care of it checked the oil
make sure it’s not burning oil you know look at the fluids if the dirty changed
the fluids I’m not a big fan of buying rental vehicles but it would have to be
a rental long time ago that was 12 years ago so I’m assuming that it’s still in
pretty good shape so just keep taking care of it you know yolo 5
says Scotty I’m from Australia does exhaust modifications really affect fuel
consumption plenty or do some mods of my LS 400 to hear that v8 Rumble to some
extent here’s the problem with modern cars they got so much anti-pollution
equipment on you change the exhaust system it changes the flow rate changes
the data that comes in oxygen sensors so it can change the air fuel ratio if you
really want it to run correctly get the exhaust modified and then go to a pro
who can run tests on it and reprogram the computers mapping system so that
will run correctly if you are a gambler and you just put another exhaust on it
it might run perfectly fine you could try it if it doesn’t you’re gonna have
to have a guy remap the thing and if you don’t put catalytic converters back on
it the check engine lights gonna come on because the computer is gonna know
there’s no computer indirectly analyzing the information then you check engine light
oh come on but you’re in Australia maybe you like what the Canadians say if
they’re not gonna be doing any emissions inspection go right ahead if you don’t
care for lights are on if nobody’s inspecting it but if you have a strict
emissions inspections say like they haven’t London
England no you wouldn’t want to mess with that because then you’ll never get
your car legally inspected lunatic 450 boy says what do you think about a 2005
Chrysler Pacifica mine has almost 200,000 miles in it okay I think you’re
the luckiest man on the planet because those were really poorly made vehicles
you got that kind of mileage out of it take a plane to Vegas and get all your
money and and bet on a roulette wheel double or nothing
you’re the luckiest men on the planet to get that kind of mileage out of it if
you haven’t had problems with a chrysler pacifica you are really a lucky person
so quick go to Vegas you got lucky I mean yeah every once in
a while you get one I actually had one the other day come over here and the
customer said yeah I know it’s a junky old van but I inherited it from my
father you know it’s got all these dings cuz he was old kept hittin things he
wanted me to check it outside check out I said to him I said you know normally I
say he’s the biggest piles of junk on the planet I said but yours I had like
120,000 miles on I said it’s just shifts good and you know other than it new and
aftermarket radio somebody had put in cuz it kept saying the radio didn’t have
the right feedback to the computer I said it’s actually in great shape I
was shocked to see one that was that all you know it was twelve years old was
still running good so hey you got lucky he got lucky to everybody it aired it
from his father cuz sabji says alpha romeo 159 is it a good car well it is if you’re selling it or fixing it cuz
you’re gonna make a lot of money and they are fun to drive they’re really fun
cars are zipping around it that parts cost a fortune they’re Italian they
break all the time every customer I’ve ever had my life who had an alfa romeo
regretted it financially if not emotionally they say I love the car it’s
a beautiful convertible it’s red it’s done but it’s always breaking if you
like spending money and you like looking driving around in one you know go ahead
just realize all your money’s wasted they have no reasonable value but they
break all the time arnold says Scotty are vespas
reliable yeah you know vespas are extremely reliable it’s one of the few
Italian machines that are reliable those little scooters
been around forever they got tiny little engines so there’s not much strain on
them and you know if you want to drive around on a scooter they’ve been selling
those things for decades and deck I personally can’t stand scooters
because they don’t have enough power and they have weird handling characteristics
give me an example years ago when I was on CBS TV I did a shoot at a guy his
place that he sold scooters right so the guys just go driving around a block and
I’m like I don’t want to drive this thing I don’t like them said I Drive a
big 900cc Norton motorcycle I don’t want to drive this little thing it scares me
so she says go ahead so I go and I turn around a block and this thing just flips
over rips all my jeans and the plastic body parts all got stripped and I
thought I told you I didn’t would have drive that thing around because they
have a very low center of gravity and they’re not like a motorcycle where you
lean and turn a little bit with those tiny wheels you turn the tiny wheels man
they’ll just flip over they’re not like a motorcycle to gradually go just so
light entirely just flipped right over from so me I don’t want to be seen dead
on one of those things but if you go slow and you zip around they’re reliable
vehicles, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell