Cara membuat mesin cuci untuk motor dan mobil praktis || SS Mifada

the benefits again This tool is practical, can be taken anywhere ok … see me again, on ssmifada channel, a channel that always provides inspirational and educational videos and very useful for boss times at this time, I will make use of it These paint cans, friends. I will use this for a water container in this video I will make a portable machine washing machines for motorcycles and car washers, friends for those of you who want to make it may be copied how to assemble this tool ok for those of you who haven’t subscribed yet please subscribe first and don’t forget to activate the notification bell so as not to miss every new video from this youtube channel let’s go straight to us, execution … the tools needed I will show you the ingredients I use a container like this, I use it as a water container, you can also use a bucket then the cover is also needed box box like this yes water pumping machine mini pumping machine I will make it practical and flexible if you use a big one, you can’t, unless you use a big place then a water hose and also water spray I have installed this in part the engine is mounted and also the water hose already installed too then I will install the other parts ok boss, I already installed this from this box to the bucket lid or paint cans I have united it’s safe huh safe boss … .. now the battery installation process I have finished this raft, friends then this one is also done in the raft and just this water hose put in a bucket of water container after the hose the water goes into the bucket then install the water filter if the water filter is installed, then put in bucket or paint cans put it in neatly, like this then close again ok boss..this process is complete portable washing machine, you can use as a motor washing machine, car washing machine or for watering plants, this is very practical do you want to know how it works? ok .. i will practice how it works, this is released first it’s very safe because it’s already strong and hold a container of water or a bucket … you can also use it like this paint cans this is filled with water first I have provided the water, then I will take the engine first these are my friends … the machine, I want to install it tired boss …. I picked up the water now i will try the tool how to animate like this on the inside, there is an on off switch when it’s down, using this spray, the engine automatically turns off then the benefits again This is very practical, can be taken anywhere This machine is very practical, can be taken anywhere just bring the bucket of water, and also the engine that was assembled earlier, ok … hopefully useful. and don’t forget to like and share