CAR PRO Auto News: Nissan Rogue Hybrid and Chevy Special Editions

I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro with your
automotive news in :60 seconds. Nissan is introducing the first-ever rogue
hybrid. Along with its new powertrain option, the
2017 crossover receives some design tweaks…. And a new motion activated liftgate. The 2017 vw golf all-track takes on the Subaru
Outback this fall. The wagon will arrive first as an automatic,
starting from just under $28-k. A lower-priced six-speed manual is due out
later. And Chevrolet is rolling out more special
editions. It will launch the “midnight edition”
Suburban and Tahoe. The blacked-out package will be available
on the 2017 models. I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro, have a great