Car Parts & Safety : What Products Ruin Car Paint?

Today’s topic is what kind of products ruin
paint finishes? Gasoline will ruin your paint finish so if you are filling up your tank
and you get gasoline on your surface clean it off with a rag and water. One of the worst
killers of paint finish is brake fluid. Brake fluid is what you put in your brake master
cylinder. If you happen to get brake fluid on your car finish wipe it off with a clean
rag and water and then when you get home or some place where you can get some baking soda
and water and another rag a nice clean, soft, cloth wipe it off with that. This is a good
product to use in you home finishes too. If you have a spot in your oven or any other
sink or anything baking soda is probably one of the best cleaners there is. This is the
proper way to do this job. The other way is if you have a scratch on your car and you
want to clean it off do not use rubbing compound, use a lighter thing or like Bonami is a real
scratchy thing so you don’t want to use that either. What you want to use is a polishing
compound or something that the manufacturer has or suggests that you use.