Car Paint Restoration Step #3 Mothers Pure Brazillian Carnauba Wax

Hello guys, welcome to the last step
of car paint restoration videos by mothers this is mothers pure Brazilian carnauba wax it will stain trims so you might need to
paper tape over your trims if you have a brand new car
you need to clay before you wax and you can skip step 1,
but step 2 is optional I have done both side with
mothers micro polishing glaze now let’s apply this wax just on this side for best result, use a DA polisher
this is flex dual action spread it first and keep going with light pressure now depends on where you live if you live in a hot climate like mine,
15 minutes wait is enough to wipe it now this is the water beading
after 1 coat of wax if you want to make it better,
you might want to put 2 coat of wax but wait for about 12 hours
to apply the second coat well, as you can see
the left side area is a little bit darker that is..
the wax area and the right side is step 2 area it’s very hard to focus I hope this video is helpful don’t forget to check links in the description thanks for watching
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