Car Paint Restoration Step #2 Mothers Micro Polishing Glaze

Hello Guys, welcome to the step 2 videos
of car paint restoration by mothers this is mothers micro polishing glaze
enhance color, depth and clarity fills and hides imperfections it means that it contains a filler
that can hide swirls for best result, use a DA polisher
this is flex dual action you might need to paper tape your car trims
or it will get stained so I have done both side with
mothers pure polish now, I’m gonna apply
mothers micro polishing glaze just on this side so we can see the difference later directions : pour a small amount of product
directly onto buffer pad let me stop right here what if…
this is our first time and we don’t know how much is small amount?
and how much is too much? so let’s try pour it a bit much
to see what happen there you go if you see the liquid flying around from the polisher
that means you pour it too much it still worked nonetheless
but it will be harder to wipe so make sure you have the instant detailer
to help wipe it off now let’s see the result what do you guys think? next video
mothers pure Brazilian carnauba wax see you guys in the next videos thanks for watching and please subscribe