Car Paint Restoration Step #1 Mothers Pure Polish

Hello guys, welcome to the car paint
restoration video by mothers this is the step 1,
mothers pure polish it can remove water spots, oxidation,
swirls, micro scratches and other blemishes from your car paint
or clear coat it also remove a little of your single stage paint
or clear coat so don’t use it too often before you use this
wash & dry your car first then clay your car but this car’s trims is so messed up
so I will clean it later all together for best result you need a DA polisher
I use flex dual action pour it to the foam you can try speed 4 but it will be better if you use speed 6
for the step 1 and keep going until it turn to haze wipe it off with a microfiber towel and if you have a hard time removing it,
you can spray mothers instant detailer on it now let’s see the result if you still have some defect,
you can try it again next step, mothers micro polishing glaze see you guys in the next videos don’t forget to check links in the description thanks for watching
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