Can You Easily Remove Car Scratches With Toothpaste? – Watch Me Put it To Test

Hey folks, my name is Tony Aluneedtono and
I am a used car dealer here in southern California. Now my family has been in the used car dealer
business for over a 130 years and I’ve sold thousands of cars, anything from small economy
cars to high end luxury cars. But one type of car I could never sell though, was a car
that was all scratched up. So today I am going to reveal to you a closely kept secret of
the used car dealer business which is, how you can remove scratches from your car, using
nothing but a tube of crest toothpaste with tartar protection, and a microfiber towel.
Now I don’t mind telling you guys this on youtube but I don’t want my direct competition
across the street to know this, so lets go in the garage there’s more privacy there.
Alright this is much better, so yeah I am going to demonstrate this to you guys on this
spare trunk lid I got laying here in the collision center, and as you can see it’s got some scratches
and scuff marks here and it looks like it scraped up against something at some point.
You know I was actually going to demonstrate this on one of the car’s out there on the
lot but there are no car car’s out there with scratches on them. Because when we get the
cars off the trucks here, I got a couple of guys out there with towels and toothpaste
going over them, taking all the scratches out, from there it’s on to the show room,
customer shows up and, thumpp we make a sale. Alright some of you that are handy probably
guessed the first step, which is to get some soapy water and cotton towels and clean the
damaged area. Next you want to grab a tube of toothpaste and than you want to apply a
generous amount to your paper towel or microfiber towel preferably. And than you want to spread
that over the damaged area. Alright, next you want to give this 5 to 10 minutes, allowing
for the sodium fluride thats in the toothpaste to do it’s majic, which as some of you that
know basic chemistry basically is reacting with the base coat on top of the clear coat
on this panel from whatever object this scraped up against, and than from there also reacting
with the clear coat in the damaged area where the scratches are and softening it and kind
of giving it a smooth finish. Alright so it’s been about 10 minutes and I think we are ready
for the next step. So next we are basically going to buff out this toothpaste that’s on
here with out microfiber towel. And this step is basically where the majic happens, see
since this toothpaste has tartar protection it has a grittiness to it and this grittiness
is going to help us smooth out the edges on the scratches. Hopefully you guys can see
this but we got all the old scrape marks off and the old paint and basically have a smooth
finish now. And here is a closer shot and I don’t know how well you guys are going to
be able to tell but this whole area was where we had the scrape marks and scratches from
the foreign object rubbing against this piece, but as you can see we got all the old paint
marks off, we got most of the scrape marks out, this is just remnents of the toothpaste,
we just got one little scratch up here that’s left and we can probably get that by reapplying
toothpaste and buffing it out again. And if reapplying toothpaste doesn’t take it out
I guess we can always put some wax on it, that usually hides it. And if that doesn’t
work we can always wet sand and buff it, I mean we are not entirely against doing actual
work here. So who freaking knew huh? So yeah hope this video helped you out, if it did
do me a favor and share this video spread the word around, and I also want to take this
opportunity and wish any of my viewers that’s a father a special and a happy father’s day
cause I know I am going to have a special day cause all my kids are going to gather
around and throw me a big party, I’ll probably get to meet some of them for the first time.
So remember folks next time the body man or a detailer wants to charge you a couple of
hundred bucks to clean up some scratches on your panel, just grab yourself a tube of toothpaste
and tell that guy to go ffff. And let me stop tony right there before he gets me into any
more trouble, as some of you might have guessed this is one of my myth busting video’s, I
saw a video on youtube of someone using a scotch brite pad and some toothpaste to remove
scratches from their car and from the comments on that video it sounded like everyone thought
that you can actually do that so I felt the need to put up a video of my own, I tried
to make it you know outrageous with Tony Aluneedtono. You know if you actually go back and look
at his last name he actually has a number in his last name. But for the people that
are still not convinced here is my explaination, basically when you get a scratch or a scrape
on your panel, what you see with your eyes is a lot worse than what it is, because when
you get that scrape there’s the physical damage to the clear coat and your paint but there
is also a lot of dirt debris and also paint from the other object that rubs into your
clear coat or rather top of your clear coat. And when you are going over it with a scotch
brite pad you are just cleaning it off and the toothpaste might help but you know you
could just mind as well be using any over the counter cleaning products out there made
for your car’s finish. And there you have it folks using toothpaste on your scratches
doesn’t do anything to them, and in fact if you use a scotch brite pad you are going to
end up putting some fine scratches on your clear coat. Now if you do want to learn how
remove scratches from your car I suggest you watch these video’s on this side of the screen.
I’ll also put links to them in the description box down bellow as well, and if you liked
this video and want to see more myth busting video’s done let me know, leave a comment
or send me a message and I’ll see you guys next time, alright thanks for watching.