Can We Make It to O’Hare Airport Hands-Free in the Cadillac CT6? —

Google Maps is currently telling me it’s
going to take 25 minutes to get to O’Hare Airport from our downtown Chicago
studio now it could easily be double that in peak commuting traffic and that
is just an awful drive okay like they have an answer for that though with this
hands-free super cruise it’s an adaptive cruise control system that on highways
and interstates lets you go hands-free now we’re gonna put that to the test on
ninety eight ninety four from Chicago to O’Hare Airport and see if we can go the
distance hands-free so as we get onto the expressway activating super cruise
is not as easy as it could be there’s a little gray light that pops up in the
dashboard or in the instrument cluster and the car has to be on the center line
of the road for that to appear it’s not always easy to see the little gray icon
because the steering wheel might even block it depending on your driving
position it would have been very nice to have that in the head-up display of the
ct6 but it’s not the case it takes a little work to identify when super
cruise is ready and so now we’re on the expressway and we are going to wait for
it to pop up and let’s get this show on the road all right super cruise is
active and we’re good we are hands-free the steering wheel has illuminated and
it’s green little light so it is telling me that super cruise is active
and I am gonna turn the adaptive cruise control up to 65 miles an hour and we’re
golden so at mile marker 1.1 we’ve started
super cruise so let’s see how far we can get what super cruise does exceptionally
well is it holds its position in the lane better than other systems at least
in my experience on these roads it holds that center position in the road better
than Tesla’s autopilot and Volvo’s pilot assist the big downside is it only works
on certain roads on those pre-programmed pre scanned roads it’s not going to work
on a two-lane highway without a center divider or one of the other many many
thousands of miles of roads that aren’t programmed into the super cruiser system
that’s unlike Tesla’s autopilot or Volvo’s pilot assist that will work on
almost any road as long as there are lane markings and the cameras can read
where the car is but this is certainly an impressive system when it does work
one of the ways that super cruise allows people to go hands-free and for them to
actually recommend it is it uses a driver facing infrared camera and it’s
looking at head position who super Cruise has been disengaged so
the red light on the steering wheel started barking at me saying supercruise
is going to and disengage so I am going to reactivate super curse and again I
try to reactivate it and it tells me it’s going to disengage now I’ve lost
the super cruise icon all together I am gonna try and change lanes so I can use
the turn signal to change lanes it kind of thinks about it while you’re changing
lanes and then when you’re back in the lane it reactivates super curse it
doesn’t work like Tesla’s autopilot where you flip the turn signal and it
will change lanes automatically we are coming up to a split in the highway
where 94 goes north and 90 goes west I’m curious to see how it’s gonna handle if
it’s gonna keep me in the lane to go to 90 west out toward the airport or if
it’s gonna disengage as you can see supercruise does a pretty
good job of moving with the road curvature so it is steering on this
slightly curvy highway there is a point though where there can be too much
steering angle in it will turn itself off so the warning systems first if it
senses you’re not paying attention the little green light will start flashing
at you you know hey pay attention if it goes a little further it will say it’ll
start flashing red and it’s like okay what’s going on here
we’re gonna turn this off and you think about what you did wrong and then the
last alert is all right party’s over that’s it it will turn it off it’ll have
an audible voice saying please pay attention and then it will automatically
slow the car down to a stop and if you still haven’t responded it will call on
stars emergency services okay so we’re approaching the interchange here we’re
90 west and 94 West split and it turned itself off and a trucks trying to kill
me cool so yeah it disengaged and now there’s no
supercruise icon so we’re gonna split off on 290 West here and hopefully let’s
see all right super pers is back and it’s off and we’re back on
supercruise is engaged hands are off the steering wheel we are paying attention
still it feels very natural like a human is driving there’s not a lot of jerky
moments and it doesn’t ping-pong between the lanes either like some other systems
it does a really good job even when we’re next to a truck where it wants to
suck you in or in heavy winds it’s correcting very well in keeping the car
on the center of the road so we’re cruising about 65 miles an hour now
we’re coming to traffic slowed down so we will see if it keeps it active during
this slow period too and yeah if we’re chugging along at 16 miles an hour
supercruise still active no hand on steering wheel requirement this is
pretty nice if you had to do this commute often this would be a great
system this also really makes on camera dialogue easier because I talk with my
hands we made it to O’Hare not totally hands-free but some of that was by
design where the highway split but when it is working it works really well it’s
one of the better next-level adaptive cruise controls out there with just how
well it centers the car in its lane and how smooth and comfortable it makes you
feel when the feature is active two of its biggest snacks though are that it
only works on certain highways and if you don’t live around them then what’s
the point and – right now it’s only available on the CT 6a sedan that we’re
not especially enamored with but if you’re looking at the CT six and you’ll
live where there are roads where supercruise works then it’s a no brainer
you got to get it you you