Building a Custom 4×4 RV ~ ETL Overland Expedition Vehicle

Good morning guys, from Ogden, Utah.We’re here at the ETL overland Factory and also their kind of sister company Plan B
supply. And in case you did not know already, we’re in the market for a new RV.
And this is not going to be a normal ordinary RV. This is going to be an
Overland expedition vehicle that has four-wheel drive, four season capability
and everything that we need to take us around the world and satisfy our needs
for many years to come. It’s not really gonna be tourish here.
We are bringing you guys along. We’re looking at something that we will
potentially buy and we’ll share the features that we like and don’t like
with you and talk about the process. But… Just a reminder that don’t expect a tour.
Just expect to come along like a couple of friends would to look at a
new RV with us…. And we get to customize this RV. So we have the room to
be very particular and design it to meet our needs….Yeah!… Our specifications!…Yep! So this is the rig that they take round to all the shows and we’re going to start by
looking in here because the box is very similar to what we would have built. The
moment of truth!.. Finally…. I like the Rhino lining on the outside. This kitchen actually has equivalent and more usable space than our current one.
It has a ton of counter space and then quite a bit of cabinet space to….Yeah! Definitely a lot more cabinet space than our bigger motor home right now. We would be going with a
a larger size refrigerator and probably an electric cooktop since we would be
looking at a single fuel source. One of the things that really attracted
us to ETL is that they have a great use of space in the back here. So…… You have a dinette and this comes down to make another bed.That’s a big bed if you wanted to be!… It would be huge!.. And also like comfortable place to kind of sprawl out
there. And then the bed actually drops out from the ceiling…. Now I think our
design has a TV somewhere right in this area, if I remember correctly…..But this is a great double use of space…. And we’re more than happy to make the compromise of having our bed drop out of the ceiling for more
living space. Definitely our custom one would have
maybe some storage options, some electrical accessory outlets… You know
something that I’ve thought a lot about, I’ve seen this in a lot of expedition
vehicles as they put storage on that back wall…. And I thought that that would
be really nice. It’s narrow but you could almost put like nightstands there….That
could be something!… that can slide open or something… Definitely!….But some finish work back here would just make this completely luxurious….. So on the way we’ve
designed our floor plan, we’re going to have the option of putting a sofa or two
chairs that are going to be super comfortable right here because that is a
priority to us since we work from home. There are also going to be plenty of
days, when you’re just going to be stuck inside this thing when the weather is
horrible. And you’re going to want to have a place to be 100% comfortable….One
of the other things that we’re doing is having a mega smaller, just kind of
big enough…ahhh…. Maybe like a person and a half kind of space of the dinette and
also to have some storage underneath it. Storage and bathroom space were kind of
two priorities for me. And also having a place where you can
get dressed without everybody in the world seeing you. So apparently, you can have a curtain or a pocket door and I think will opt for the pocket door just
because there’s a little bit more privacy. But the thing that I love about this is
that, you actually have a dry bathroom. So… And storage space in the bathroom. So you
have a sink and toilet on one side.. And we’re going to go composting on the
toilet….And on the other side, your shower space. This is the first we’ve actually
seen in the shower. Yeah!…. It’s pretty spacious actually… Yeah!
He said he could even design a little seating area so you could like sit down
in the shower if you so desired. or shave your legs or whatever…A little bit different from this one. We’ll have about a foot more space up here and we’re going to have closets
on each side… His and hers closets….That’s right! They won’t be huge but there will be
space for each of us and there will be drawers on the bottom and then placed to
either fold or hang things up on the top. Or both!… Or both!…. So this crawl space is
going to be a little different in our rig because we’re going to have a
Freightliner chassis. But this is more of a military chassis and with space being
what it is, that’s all you get for the crawl space… Which would be totally
adequate. So we’re just going to nip it in the bud and this future rig is going
to be completely equipped with solar inverter and pretty much every neat
accessory right from the get-go. We’re not going to like piece it all together
over time it’s just going to be done once and done right.Time to move on to
the outside and storage bays and all that hidden behind the scenes stuff. I
don’t think there’s storage in here. I think they’re mechanical things in here.
There’s storage!… A little bit. You could put your tools in this space…Yeah! And the…Just kind of the infrastructure.That looks like the winch for the spare tire. I see a water pump over there….. This, that’s
like foam board insulation. That’s nice! The winterizing system. Not sure what
size tank that is, but we would definitely be getting something a lot
bigger. If I remember we had a…a option of a 100 or 200 gallon tank….What’s in here?
Some wiring, more wiring. You can see the framework here. That’s a pretty solid idea there…So one of the limitations on these military chassis, are the range and the size
of fuel tanks. So we’re going to make sure we have at least …Gosh!… A hundred
gallons of fuel capacity. And as for accessories on the front; definitely
going to have a winch. And a functional bumper, plenty of lighting and we’ve even
talked about putting like a storage box on top of the cab there. That way we
could put like inflatable kayaks and you know outdoor type things in. So the
chassis that we’re looking at, is a freight liner and it’s going to be
something maybe 0.7 or 0.8. So we don’t have to deal with DEF fluid
and ultra-low sulfur diesel. So the framework and all this stuff that you
kind of see here behind me, is going to be totally different on ours. Another
little storage compartment and access to wiring and infrastructure. I think its safe
to say no one’s getting in without a ladder. It’s always nice to have a high vantage point for security…Well, I’m 5’3 and a half, 5’3 and three quarters
and it’s like twice the height of me to the windows. So this is on the driver’s side
of the vehicle. Storage bay and I see the gray and black tank drains here.
I’m not seeing too much space for putting like the recovery equipment. You
know what I mean?..Yeah!… All those specialized things. Like a chainsaw shovel, those tracks. Unless there’s a rack on the back..Yeah..I don’t know!..So we want our expedition vehicle to have a
water filtration system. So we can pull up to any river, lake or pond and create
fresh drinking water. And I’m guessing it would go somewhere here in the back
compartment. This unit has the propane bottles right there. And like I said,
inside we’re going to be shooting for a single fuel source. So all we have to
worry about, is diesel…So some of the expedition vehicles we’ve looked at, they
haven’t had all of the plugins that you need if you’re going to hook up. They’re
made more only for being out boondocking. This one actually does! So you can hook
up the water here, power source here. Okay! Well the battery was dead on this
rig so they had to jumpstart it. So the engine is still running. So forgive the
background noise. Would we have the capability of putting like a motorcycle
rack back here?… Yeah!… ..Because that would be like our mode of transportation.. Yep!
So this is what the bare-bones structure looks like. I’m guessing, that that’s what
ours will look like with the full door at the front. That would be nice….It would be!
So last summer we were looking at Super Cs and they really just didn’t
do too much for us because you’d have to add the four-wheel drive. But since we
found this option here at ETL Overland, Our next Motorhome is pretty much going
to be a Super C just shorter than a lot of those Super Cs you see on the
road right now. So this one’s an international. We’re looking more at the
Freightliner chassis. I do like that it has the extended cab but overall this
one is way too big for us.Yeah! I paced it out at about 27 feet. Give or take. And….
This chassis is also not four-wheel drive…. Just for the hell of it, we’ll
open the door. This one’s very much under construction still. You can see the
infrastructure of the flooring system well.. Yeah!… And all the insulation that’s
going up. This thing is going to be huge! One of my favorite things about this,
with our single source heat we will have in-floor radiant heating. And it will
also be the source for our hot water and everything. But imagine how nice it’ll be
to wake up on a cold morning and put your feet down on the hardwood floor and
it’s warm. And no forced air to dry things out, no condensation from propane and all that staff…Exactly!…
That will be really nice. Alright! This one is a beast just like the one
inside. Twin rear axles and I really like this Rhino lining material or LINE -X or
whatever they’re calling it nowadays. Very durable! And then this is the
military chassis it’s built on. But keep in mind we’re here to look at the inside. There’s a wall of closet! This is awesome!
Yeah, I’m sure you would find it awesome. Come on! Be sensible storage is
necessary…. It is! But that’s like more storage than we practically have in our
house…No it’s not… I know, but it’s a ton of storage. Gotta love the gun safe and we would
have a safe built into ours somewhere. This is probably more like what we’ll have with the walk through door. Which is really important to me because
I know as the copilot, I will be the one going back and forth, back and forth. And
I did not want to be crawling through the crawl space. And another one of our
custom requests; was to make this so it could be like sealed and locked. Because aaahhhh…What if your vehicle is down for months on end in the middle of Zimbabwe. You have the ability of disconnecting the RV portion and maybe I
was… like putting like a fuel tank on the outside. But then maybe setting it up on
jacks and existing while your vehicle’s getting serviced. This showers are really,
really big on this model..Like there’s massive…huge… You know just like I saw in the other
one, I think we would want a little bigger bathroom sink. And…. The kitchen
space, here…. This is more like what we’ll have with the full sized fridge…Yeah! Full standard RV fridge. Alright! Well you can still see the
framework for the lift bed. Which is good if you ever need to work on it. But we’re
both definitely leaning towards a little bit of finish work to kind of hide this
infrastructure a bit…..Alright! After seeing these, I’m actually leaning towards this cab
over feature where it could be a bed or storage space. I think it makes a lot
more sense for it to be inside where you can access whatever you’ve
stored in there or make space for someone to sleep up there. I’m really
glad we came and looked at this in person because there’s a few things that
I thought I wouldn’t want, that I do and a few things that I thought I wanted,
that I don’t. By actually seeing it in person is very helpful. So really,
nothing replaces coming and looking at it in person and laying your hands on it.
This one’s amazing though! It has some great ideas. Very thoughtful person that
designed this… Mike, thank you very much for your time!… Thank you Ben…Cory, great meeting you.. Thanks. Very much appreciate it!…Yes. Alright guys! Well this stop was well worth
driving hundreds of miles out of our way on our trip back home to Alaska. So
thanks for watching. Make sure you hit that subscribe button because this is
all going to unfold over the next ,you know, six months to a year. And we’re
looking forward to bringing you along! We’ll see you later!