British made motors take over the Mall | Top Gear – BBC

Having established we do make quite a lot of stuff in Britain. We decided to find out just how much, so we hatched an ambitious plan. We called all the companies that make motorised vehicles and said to them ‘”could you bring whatever it is you make to a gathering in London?” Little bit of a problem with Morgan who didn’t know what London was but eventually, everybody responded magnificently Jeremy, Richard and I are taking three different versions of the new F-Type to London, I for example have the V6. Woah! That’s the Triumph bikes Tremendous Meanwhile, deep in the countryside… Oh look at that! And now look what’s coming… It’s the Morgan’s Carry on chaps Much later than everyone else, the Formula 1 cars began to leave for London which in Milton Keynes, was quite a sight… And quite a sound Eventually the fleet of vehicles that’d been made in Britain began to arrive on the streets of the capital And after the slowest had turned up we climbed into our Jags and headed for the meeting point to see how much stuff was there this feels a bit special, this does And it became more special as we swung past Buckingham Palace and onto the Mall *gasps* There’s more than I’d thought The Mall has hosted many uplifting scenes over the years but it has never hosted anything quite like this before It wasn’t just the sheer volume that took our breathe away, it was the diversity, the breadth. Cars, Lorries, Diggers, Racers, Ice Cream Vans, Hearses. It was magnificent, it was huge. I didn’t know we made those massive tipper trucks, look at that thing! Tractor, didn’t think of that Land speed record cars There’s my bus, alright mate Ooh the eagle! A lot of people say that today Britain is nothing more than a bank or a boutique or a busted flush but looking at that staggering collection back there I’m not sure they’re right. Goodnight!