Brake disc causes my vehicle to vibrate – Gurus Crime Scene Investigation SE01 EP02

Welcome to Garage Gurus CSI We are a team
of expert technicians that investigates warranty claims We handle everything from brake pads to spark plugs, determining whether claims are valid Today’s video is about brake pads which the customer says are creating noise in use and are not providing good braking ability Let’s take a closer look. We can see that there
is uneven wear to the left and right of the same caliper The uneven wear suggests that the brake pads were not installed correctly and that they were not moving freely in the brake saddle The damage can also be caused by the caliper’s brake pistons not being able
to move freely causing the pads to stick to the disc and
wear unevenly GURU TIPS (Our expert tips on how to avoid these issues) Before installing the new brake pads
always inspect the caliper for wear and clean it thoroughly This ensures that the new parts will not be contaminated by any existing dirt
and that braking performance is optimized Ensure you use brake cleaner to remove dirt and help keep parts moving as they should Ensure that the brake pad can move freely
in the calliper and that the pistons are also moving smoothly This will stop the problem from re-occurring through the pads not making even contact with the disc To avoid damaging the caliper always use the correct retracting tool We have determined that incorrect fitting
and inspection of components has caused the brake pads to come into uneven contact with
the disc. Therefore, the warranty claim is invalid. Make sure you come back to Garage Gurus CSI to see how we explain more warranty claims We are Garage Gurus
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