Born to Engineer – Nina Parsons

When I was little I wanted to be an
artist Then when I was 12 I wanted to be a fashion designer At 16 I looked in to architecture But after one day of work experience at a race track I knew I wanted to be an engineer This is where it all started for me And I fell in love with motorsport I grew up about a mile away from Castle Combe race circuit What really interests me is the small details Quite often a formula one race or any race Is won by such a small margin To have some thing that’s made by
completely different people Yet there within fractions of a second of each other That’s amazing I decided that engineering was the area I wanted to go in to This is Carly She’s last year formula student car That we designed and built ourselves We call her Carly because of her unique chassis Which is made from carbon and aluminium We’ve got a carbon inner skin A honey comb which is made from aluminium And then an aluminium outerskin It’s lightweight and gives an overall good stiffness to the chassis Formula student is a competition Where students from across the globe
build, design and race A race car The team is there every single night It takes over your life I was asked to design the new fuel system You go through the whole entire process The questioning The amount of hours I’m gonna put into
it And the amount of money, machining time Can I make it better? I drew the system up in cad Make sure that everything was going to fit With other team members Items. There’s no point in designing something that is fabulous If it doesn’t work with the rest of the
system I think engineering’s about pushing boundaries and Analyzing things very critically And questioning Continuously questioning everything There’s no feeling Like being there With the noise and the smells And the atmosphere of the track You know you have had a hand in helping this team be amazing There’s nothing like it In August I’m spending a year with Williams formula one As a composite designer To be able to turn on the tv Be able to look at the car And go I had a hand in helping to design that That’s going to be an amazing feeling