BMW X7 and 8 Series Concepts at the Los Angeles Auto Show —

some concepts are designed to give us to
look far into the future but two of the three BMW concepts that are here at the
LA Auto Show are designed to give us a look at the very close future now this
is the BMW x7 concept BMW is pretty much the only luxury automaker not to offer a
three row SUV the x7 looks to remedy that now we know that it will go into
production next year in 2018 and we know that it will be built in Spartanburg
South Carolina now BMW is told us that on the x7 concept and the eight series
concept will show you in a second styling is 86 to 90 percent complete so
this will be pretty much what the x7 looks like when it hits the street some
of these concept only flourishes may not make it reduction like the pop-out door
handles the big wheels the laser headlights which actually
aren’t legal yet in the US but in the general form this is what the x7 will
look like and this should give BMW a big boost to their SUV sales because large
SUVs like small SUVs like medium SUVs are selling like crazy now if we move
over to the 8 Series concept this will slot in above the 7 Series nominally but
instead of being like a flagship sedan this is more of a coupe more of a sports
touring kind of vehicle and it is gorgeous on both of these vehicles you
actually see a larger version of BMWs kidney grille it’s been stretched
vertically and while it looks a little bit weird at first if you give it a
little bit of time it actually fits both of these vehicles rather nicely
now the 8 Series will go into production in 2019 and the more that the production
vehicle looks like the concept the better because again this thing blew me
away now for more information on other BMW vehicles and everything else here
the Los Angeles Auto Show head over to cars calm you