Bilia-Emond : moteur de la redynamisation automobile au Luxembourg | Philippe Emond (Bilia-Emond)

We are at BMW, a premium brand, I
suppose that standards and quality are very important?
We are talking about the evolution of the automotive sector, and that is
one of the major changes. One day the manufacturers wanted to
switch to an exclusive distribution mode. The questions in the early
2000s were whether to deliver multi-brand, and whether to sell
cars in garages or via the Internet? The idea is to focus. Standards
will be put in place to protect the operation of dealerships.
We don’t settle accross the street to sell the same brand.
Standards push investment so high that we limit the possibility
of distributing our products. And in these standards, with
these objectives, everyone finds his place. Training of people,
showrooms, tile colours, space for cars,… But also in the aftersales,
where product knowledge, intervention procedures, etc. have increased.
It is very simple to say that there are many standards when the audit takes 2 days.
And how does Fleetback and its quality module help you monitor compliance with
certain standards or procedures, for example at the workshop level?
When we see malfunctions, we finally feed the database to facilitate
audits and give us a shorter reaction time. We rely on figures and
statistics, not just on feeling. If you put it in a system,
it gives you power. The tracking dashboard is really an
important management tool for you? Of course. In a quality program, it
is the heart of quality. Monitoring, audits, knowing what is really
going on. So it’s part of Oditoo. This Fleetback database has brought
us this element of internal audit control. And finally, a happy
customer is a returning customer. So satisfaction I suppose it’s
something you follow on a daily basis or on a very regular basis?
A customer remains sensitive, in his satisfaction, to innovative
elements, to what is not done elsewhere, to what is the added
value compared to a competitor. We saw Fleetback’s development with
this in mind. We didn’t invent video, but for everything that happens in
garages, it wasn’t common at the time. We immediately saw an adherence
of our customers. Positive feedback? But yes, they are quite happy to get
their car back and not have to run. They are all busy our customers,
so of course they are happy. We are putting in place a solution so
that they can keep their mobility and recover their car without
increasing the movements towards us. These elements are controlled
in the price. He is not faced with an unexpected invoice, because he
knew beforehand what it was about. The cost of the operation and
communication are the elements that are listed at the top of
the customers’ requirements in satisfaction. Fleetback is a
solution for innovation, added value and security. These are important
elements of customer satisfaction. More generally, for you,
finally in the coming years, what are the major challenges
facing the automotive sector? One of the challenges for our company
is to find a beautiful site worthy of the brand for the city of Luxembourg,
which is one of the most important markets in the world with 10% of the
market. Luxembourg is hands down. A key market for the manufacturer.
The idea is to make a beautiful reference garage in Luxembourg,
being the driving force behind the revitalisation of distribution
in Luxembourg. This is the Belux part with Bilia. And so finish the
mission on the French side, where we have five garages in five cities.
Very well. Thank you for the three years of collaboration with
Fleetback. And I’m sure we have plenty more in the future coming up.
I hope so, for your sake! I hope we have a good ambassador for a
product like this. In any case, the message to be conveyed is
that it is really a good tool. It’s been experienced, it’s been
innovative, it’s something that has potential for others too. Something
new that interests our customers, we’re going to focus on that. But
in any case, it’s a wonderful and fun partnership. The conditions are
there for everyone to find their way around. Great, thank you Philippe.
With pleasure Christophe.