Best Parts Cleaning Brush – Goat Brush – Chemical Guys

I like to use the Goat Brush to get into harder to reach places, and cracks and crevices where larger brushes just don’t fit. Like where the spokes meet the rim, around lug nuts, valve stem, and even into the brake caliper. The Goat Brush uses durable boars hair bristles that are soft to not scratch as they clean. It also uses a soft handle and ferrule made out of plastic, so if I knock against the rim as I’m cleaning, the soft plastic absorbs the impact so I don’t scratch the metal. This is a great parts cleaning brush to get into these areas. I can knock out all the brake dust from these areas, get the grime out from the hub and spokes. It’s good to go back to the bucket to rinse out all the abrasive dirt and get more cleaner and soap. I can even clean around and behind the lug nuts to get all the brake dust out of there. Another area is underneath the valve stem. It can be very difficult to fit a brush around the valve stem to clean off the brake dust and road grime. One last area is the brake caliper. I like to clean the brake dust and nasty dirt off the brake calipers. You can also use the Goat Brush to detail interior parts of the car. When working on the inside of the car, I like to use two Goat Brushes: I use one for dry work, and one for wet work. I can use dry cleaning to remove dust and debris from air vents. Just take the Goat Brush and flick all that out. This is a great tool to use to clean different parts without using any chemicals. For wet work, I like to use a separate brush only for wet work. That way you don’t spread dirt or dust that gets caught in the brush around other areas as you clean. It’s great to use the Goat Brush on areas like perforated leather. You might not want to spray a cleaner directly into the holes. Instead, I’ll spray Leather Cleaner directly into the brush, and now I can scrub the leather down, and agitate it with bubbles that suspend and lift debris that I loosened. I’ll just clean this panel here. The soft bristles are safe to use on leather, I’m not going to harm the hide at all, or scratch the interior. But boars hair is very durable and resistant to chemicals, so they’ll last for years of detailing use. There we go! I’ve got all the dirt agitated in the cleaner froth. Wipe it off with the towel, and now I’ve got a very clean part of the seat thanks to the Goat Brush. You can see all the dirt and grime I pulled off just off that one little section.