BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering

I’m Ben Straw, I’m doing a BEng in Automotive Engineering and I’m in my first year. Currently at the minute, there’s a mixture of workshop work and also practical and theory-based lectures. It’s really interesting, I really enjoy the hands-on mechanics and the actual measurements side of things. Everybody’s brilliant, everybody’s lovely, everybody’s pushing in the right direction, everybody wants the best for you, it’s absolutely brilliant. The lecturers are very enthusiastic – if you
need any help they’re there for you. They make lectures really enjoyable – and unpredictable – most of the time. The facilities, most are brand new. I know the actual motorsprt labs and garages are absolutely fantastic. There’s not a mark on them, there’s every tool you could ever imagine. If you’re thinking of studying at Staffs, I’d definitely recommend any experience you can get prior to and while you’re doing the course as well. There’s loads of opportunities, it’s absolutely brilliant, you get to meet fantastic people and just basically grab hold and take hold of every opportunity you get.