Camera rolling. Very intrigued with the values within Thrive at the time.. one time I was there, first time actually and seeing that all of the guys were visionaries. Then I had this need to explore.. sound a lot deeper along with Thrive. Initially the project began that way. The first time Kimo hung out with us, and he got into talking about… motorcycles and music, there were certain points really interesting stuff coming out of that exact conversation. I could remember sitting there, in the garage hearing all sorts of sounds that I could respond to.. as simple as that. So at the time Kimo threw this idea at us. He wanted to, in his words.. He said, “I want to respond”.. “to all this noise you’re making in the garage.” “If we can compose into music, what would it be like?” He said that. You could see the industries we work in, and see the big difference Kimo, he’s in the music industry. We’re in the industry of.. custom automotives. I liked the spirit of it. The independent spirit. The…. visionary spirit of it. There are certain kinds of people that are born, as visionaries, that being their main talent. But here, we have this belief that a certain vision, can easily be forged, as certainly as you could a skill. So, that’s one of the reasons. Why I really wanted to collaborate with them. Metal music, was inspired by actual metalworking or something, as I recall. But as soon as Kimo talked about electronic music. We got curious. Thinking, “Wonder what’s that going to be like?” Because as far as we know, all the sounds that we’re making in the garage.. most of it has no melody. You could design something new, call it “A”. Somebody is bound to beat you to it. You could just make a copy, but that’s a decision. You could be the type of person to make decisions like that or trust in your own imaginations and you could create something that is.. maybe not entirely new, but most certainly be.. fresh.