Battlefield V: Firestorm – “How to Get and Use Combat Vehicles, Transports, and Towables”

This video is sponsored by EA. An emphasis on vehicles sets Battlefield V’s
Firestorm apart from its peers. They can play a huge role in ensuring your
survival, eliminating the competition, and transporting you across the vast expanse of
Halvoy. There are several different types of vehicles
in Firestorm, including combat vehicles, transport vehicles, and towable weapons. Combat vehicles are the big guns. Ranging from light armored vehicles like the
Staghound to the lumbering Sturmtiger, these vehicles provide a squad with both protection
and an offensive punch. Most of these vehicles have separate driver
and gunner positions in Firestorm, so to fire on the move, you’re going to have to fill
those seats, work together, and communicate. In solos, you’ll have to switch between
driver and gunner often. Some light armored vehicles can be called
in with special flare pistols, but the game-changers like the Sturmtiger can only be found inside
vehicle lockups – the massive bunkers that dot the map. Opening a vehicle lockup can be done by a
single player, but it goes much quicker as a two person job. If you’re cracking one open with a squad,
make sure your other teammates watch your six. Trying to open a vehicle lockup instantly
triggers an alarm that can draw opportunistic enemies to your position. Meanwhile, transport vehicles like the staff
car or pickup truck generally offer a speedy way to get from one place to another, at the
expense of armor and armament. Many can carry an entire squad of four. These can be found scattered across Halvoy,
but can also be called called in using special flare pistols. The amphibious Schwimmwagen The unarmed Kolibri
helicopter is another stand-out, capable of transporting an entire squad above the map’s
unforgiving Norwegian terrain. However, just because you’re in the air,
doesn’t mean you’re safe from the ground. Anti-aircraft guns are one of the game’s
towable weapons, along with the powerful anti-tank gun. Both of these weapons can be towed by combat
and transport vehicles (including the iconic tractor), giving players the opportunity to
turn any location into a fortress. To tow an emplacement, back up to the weapon
and press T on the keyboard, B on Xbox or Circle on PS4. The same button will also unhitch the gun. Towable vehicles are often found in small
villages or other points of interest. All powered vehicles in Firestorm require
fuel and ammunition. These can often be found near vehicles, inside
vehicle lockups, and scattered across the map. There are two types of vehicle ammunition,
light and heavy. Light ammunition resupplies light vehicle
weapons like machine guns, while heavy ammunition provides shells for large guns like the Sturmtiger’s
380mm rocket launcher. Don’t forget that even towable weapons have
a limited amount of ammunition. To rearm a vehicle, equip the appropriate
ammunition type in your inventory, and left mouse click or hold the right trigger on controller. Without a steady supply of fuel, all the vehicles
on Firestorm will eventually crawl to a halt. You can see your fuel gauge and vehicle health
at the bottom of the screen, plus an alarm sounds when you’re about to run out of juice. Jerry cans provide fuel for vehicles, and
use the same mechanic as rearming one. Unfortunately, vehicles in Firestorm can’t
be repaired, so if yours sustains serious damage, you might consider continuing on foot. If you’re killed inside a vehicle, you can’t
be revived. Also keep in mind vehicles are loud and will
attract attention. Avoid ambushes by keeping a close eye on your
surroundings and avoiding areas saturated with buildings and ample cover. The Anti-Tank mine can be found in Firestorm
as a gadget, so keep your eyes on the road. Good luck on the Battlefield, and thanks for