Basic Car Care & Maintenance : How to Check for Car Leaks

Hi this is Jeff Wong with Expert Village and
today we’re going to learn the basics of maintaining your vehicle. In this segment we’re going
to examine how to tell if your car might be leaking a fluid and what that fluid might
be. So with this older vehicle the first tale tell sign that you have something leaking
is that you have spots underneath the car. So let’s take a look under there. So here
we are underneath the vehicle and as you can see there’s this dark black stain that has
developed and if we look directly above it you can see this drip forming from the transmission.
So this may be oil that has dripped down from the front of the vehicle or it may be fluid
from the transmission itself. So this car probably needs to be taken in to a mechanic
to be checked out. So here we are inside the engine bay and we can look around and see
if we can find any leaks. So if you look over here at the engine block you can see this
heavy black oily suet that has developed on the engine head. Now this is most likely caused
by an oil leak of some sort, so the engine probably needs to be checked out. If you look
here towards the back of the car along the firewall, you can see that this white deposit
has developed which is a sign of corrosion, which is probably some water damage or some
sort of watery fluid leaking. Such as windshield wiper fluid or radiator fluid.