Basic Car Care & Maintenance : Checking Car Windshield Wiper Fluid

Hi! This is Jeff Wong with Expert Village
and today we are going to learn the basics of maintaining a vehicle. Another fluid that
you want to make sure stays full is your window wiper fluid. Now if you pull your windshield
wiper lever inside to spray your windshield and no fluid comes out, your reservoir my
need to be filled. In your engine bay. look or a blue cap. Sometimes this cap may be white
and has a windshield wiper symbol with water spraying. Remove that cap and fill the fluid
level until you can see it in the reservoir. So when filling our fluid, there may or may
not be marks on yuour reservoir to check so you can just visually see once the reservoir
that that should be enough fluid. Again, use a funnel to help you fill and not spill fluid
everywhere. Your choices of fluid include distilled water. You want to make sure you
don’t use regular tap water because it contains minerals that could clog up your windshield
wiper system. So some of the fluids that you could use for filling your windshield wiper
fluid is distilled water. you don’t want to use minerals in it because they will clog
up your system or you can use special windshield wiper fluid which may have extra ingredients
to help clean off debris or insects off or our windshield. Once the fluid has reached to top of he reservoir,
that should be full enough.