Bar’s Leaks Transmission Stop Leak

A leak in the transmission can be among
the most costly of repairs Operating with inadequate fluid levels is likely to cause irreparable damage to your transmission on top of being very bad for the environment Bar’s has a solution for you both Bar’s Automatic Transmission and Bars Manual Transmission Stop Leak, is especially formulated to restore worn seals and gaskets within the transmission using Bar’s is quick and easy Just add the entire contents of the bars into the transmission The work is over It is important that you do not overfill and be sure to check the fluid levels before
resuming normal operation Typically the leaking should stop after 180 or 320 km of driving and don’t forget, Bar’s can be used to prevent leaks as well so add a bottle of bars of every fluid change to ensure that you get the
most from your vehicle It’s as easy as that Visit our website for additional
treatment information