Bars Leaks Saves Submarine Mission

The year is 1958 The USS Nautilus, the
world’s first nuclear-powered submarine is preparing to embark on a mission to
the North Pole The stage was set for this historic event until the crew ran
into a major problem A leak in a nuclear submarine condensing system While the crew could not specifically located the leak The commander came up with a solution Telling his men to go into the gas stations in town, wearing civilian clothing and buy several jars of that stuff you pour in automobile radiators to stop leaks what do they call it? Bar’s Leaks To the crews delight, after
pouring as many jars of obtainable Bar’s Leaks into the nuclear condensing system, the leak was stopped and the mission saved Incredibly, Bar’s Leaks worked to stop a
leak on the world’s first nuclear submarine In fact Bar’s Leaks Rhizex is
being used for prevention of cooling system leaks and many cooling systems
not just automobiles No matter the vehicle, the next time you
spring a leak, use Bar’s Leaks