Bar’s Leaks Radiator Stop Leak

Bar’s Products International Stop Leak Products Featuring the leak stopping power of Rhizex. Sold globally in many
forms. In this demonstration We will exhibit that Rhizex Stops any leak up 0.9 millimeters in size within the cooling system Freely recirculates within the system thereby preventing future leaks Will not clog cooling system components Automatically adjust to changes in internal pressure and will reduce damage caused by cavitation The treat rate for Rhizex to stop acute
leaking in a 4 to 6 cylinder cooling system is typically about 35 grams For this demonstration we will use a mock cooling system with a fluid capacity approximately 30% of a typical mid-sized automobile Correspondingly we will use a treat rate of Rhizex at 30% the normal treat rate or 10.5 grams Rhizex quality control measures ensure That Bar’s Leaks Rhizex will not clog any cooling system components Most automotive manufacturers
recommend that non-soluble particles introduced to an automotive cooling
system being no larger than 700 microns Bar’s assures a Rhizex particle size
actually exceed manufacturers recommendations In fact Bar’s leaks Rhizex will pass freely through a 420 micron screen as demonstrated here Now we’ve introduced Bar’s Leaks Rhizex into our unit to demonstrate its leak stopping properties As you can see
our demonstration unit has several significant leaks in the radiator fins
requiring treatment Observe Rhizex quickly going to work
promptly stopping all the leaks with minimal fluid loss Rhizex freely recirculates within the
system thereby preventing future leaks and will not clog cooling system
components Radiator caps are typically designed to allow release of internal pressure at 1.1 bar Here, we apply back pressure Bar’s will continue to seal any leaks even in pressures exceeding 1.1 bar Even when puncturing the sealed leaks
Bar’s immediately reacts sealing the breaches once again Bar’s will also reduce the amount of
damage associated with cavitation Rhizex particles inhibit the implosion of these harmful low-pressure voids within the cooling system For more information on
Bar’s radiator and cooling system products as well as other automotive
chemical additives products visit