Bar’s Leaks No Smoke

As your engine accumulates kilometers,
its components begin to wear Over time, piston rings and combustion chambers walls become worn allowing the engine oil to pass through the piston rings into the combustion chamber and ignite during a power stroke adding to the problem, worn-out rings cause oil to become contaminated when the fuel
escapes past the rings into the motor oil reservoir causing contaminated oil and excessive exhaust smoke Bar’s has the solution for you Bar’s is formulated with a special blend of chemical components that both improve the viscosity of your engine oil and protects your motors metal parts This will almost immediately reduce the amount of oil making its way past the
rings into the combustion chamber reducing or stopping excessive exhaust
smoke Applying Bar’s No Smoke Engine oil treatment is quick and easy Just add to the vehicle’s motor oil reservoir and you’re finished It’s important to check the fill level before and after application and remember never overfill the unit Bar’s No Smoke treats up to 6 litres of motor oil You can apply Bar’s No Smoke at
all between the oil changes For larger vehicles and an additional bottle of Bar’s No Smoke Visit our website for additional treat rate information