Bar’s Leaks Headlight

Bar’s Headlight and Plastic Restorer Kit Restores clarity to cloudy yellowing or damaged headlight lens and minutes Restores with or without power tools Protects headlight lens with final coat
protectant and Maintains clarity of the lens with polish and cleaner For our demonstration will be restoring the cloudy lens of a 2010 Toyota Highlander This cloudy lens reduces nighttime visibility and reduces the value of vehicle Bar’s Headlight provides a restore kit Simple, quick, and effective Our kit contains high quality components including three fine adhesive sanding
discs, a buffing pad, a drill bit adapter 2oz Polish and Cleaner, 2 ounces of
Final Coat Protectant, and 2 cotton Final Coat application pads In order to complete the restoration you will also need: masking tape, spray bottle of water,
and clean cotton cloths Step 1 To begin mask headlight completely in order to protect surrounding surface Step 2 Clean the surface of your headlight
using bars headlight polishing cleaner Step 3 Attach the sanding disc #1 to the sanding pad Wet the lens and the sanding disk ensuring that both surfaces remain wet during sanding Sand the surface of the lens in a side-to-side motion until the surface is uniformly smooth to the touch Duration of the time necessary to complete this step may vary Be sure to keep the sending disk moving on the surface to avoid burns in the plastic Wipe away excess dust with a damp cloth when finished Step 4 Attach the #2 sanding disc to the white buffing pad Sand the surface in an up-and-down motion until the surface fields uniformly smooth to the touch Surface of the lens should appear uniformly cloudy Continue this step until all
imperfections are removed Wipe away the excess dust with a damp cloth Step 5 Repeat step 4 using the number three sanding pad Wipe away all excess dust and debris Thoroughly dry the surface of the lens Step 6 Using the cotton pad supplied in the kit Drip approximately 5 to 7 drops of the Final Coat Protectant on the cotton pad In even side-to-side strokes apply the final
coat protectant to the lens Be sure to check the surface in the lens and eliminate any runs or drips by simply reapplying over the imperfection Allow the lens to dry Dry time may vary and will depend on environmental conditions Step 7 Repeat the application of the Final Coat 2 times Remove masking tape Simple, quick, and effective Bar’s Headlight and Plastic Restorer Kit improves visibility and increases your vehicles value For more information on Bar’s Headlight and Plastic Restorer Kit As well as other quality restorative automotive products Please visit our website at