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This training module aims to introduce you to the AutoSim Pro and its functions. AutoSim Pro is an advanced handheld automotive
signal generator designed for simulation of various automotive sensors and actuators. The master kit adds to the standard packaging
with the most frequently used additional accessories. The power supply connector and the 2 output
connectors are placed on the top of the instrument. On the bottom is located the micro SD card
for firmware updates and in the future, for loading custom waveforms. AutoSim Pro is very fast and boots in just
1.5 seconds! The device also has an intuitive D-Pad keypad
for easy navigation and control. The 2.4″ TFT color display shows all the operating
modes in the home screen. AutoSim Pro has 2 outputs: the signal output
or Sout and power output or Pout, which can be individually selected and activated with
the OUPUT CONTROL button. Both outputs can be simultaneously activated. The Sout and Pout outputs are completely isolated
from each other and the Sout output is completely isolated from the power supply connector!
Both outputs are completely isolated from the internal control electronics and the control
electronics themselves are completely isolated from the power supply connector! A removable battery CR2032 inside the device
keeps the current date and clock settings. AutoSim Pro has 5 operation modes.
Generator allows you to simulate 4 of the most used periodic signals – square, sine,
sawtooth and triangle. For each signal type, you can change all the parameters of the output
signal. The output signals can be unipolar or bipolar. In Generator-Sine mode, the device produces
a sine wave on the Sout output. All sine wave parameters are editable. The output signal can be unipolar or bipolar. In Generator-Square mode, the AutoSim pro
produces a square wave on the Sout output. All square wave parameters are editable. Again, the output signal can be unipolar or
bipolar. SensorSim simulates the output signal of various
automotive sensors through the signal output Sout. The Crankshaft Position Sensor or CKP monitors
the position and rotational speed of the crankshaft. Defects in CKP inevitably lead to engine failure
and the car will not run. Of course, you can’t start the engine with
just AutoSim pro because there will be no synchronization between the TDC reference
point and the actual engine speed. But you could feed the simulated CKP signal
to the engine ECU to check for spark plug signals. All CKP sensor signal parameters are editable. The Lambda sensor measures the level of oxygen
in exhaust gases. Both Zirconium and Titanium types can be simulated. The Knock sensor, which detects the engine
detonations, can also be simulated. PowerSim mode allows controlling various actuators
such as fuel valves, relays, gasoline injectors, lamps, etc. through the power output Pout. Pout is a ground-controlled output! In Pulse mode you can generate non-periodic
pulses with adjustable signal parameters through the desired output – Sout or Pout. Just edit the signal parameters, activate
the output, press Start and the pulses will be simulated at the output. DC Output mode allows simulating a DC output
signal from -12V to +12V with adjustable steps through the signal output Sout. Settings show details about the current device,
allows changing the displayed language, setting the date & time, updating the firmware and
monitoring the internal device’s temperature. We hope this training module has been helpful
to you and will make your job easier. For more information, please visit our website: