Automotive Technology

As long as there are vehicles on the road, there will always be a need for highly skilled automotive technicians to maintain, service, and repair them. And, with the Washington State labor market projecting more than 2,500 annual job openings in automotive-related industries, the time to enter this career field is now. At Big Bend Community college, our Automotive Technology program instructors are Automotive Service Excellence Master Technicians with advanced-level certifications and decades of experience. You will become immersed in all eight areas of ASE certification and develop skills that will make yourself marketable to employers. Graduates of Big Bend’s Automotive Technology Program will be qualified to enter the workforce in occupations such as parts merchandising, alignment, tire service, fleet maintenance, and general repair. Modern repair and diagnostic test equipment is used in training students to accurately repair the complex vehicles of today. Course curriculum also includes shop safety and environmental training, Industrial First Aid Certification, EPA Section 609 Refrigerant Certification, basic welding, and hydraulics, as well as degree required general education classes. Let Big Bend Community College turn your love of automobiles into a rewarding career and train you with skills that will give you mobility and always be in demand. Big Hopes, Big Dreams, Big Success at Big Bend Community College.