Automotive Technology

( ♪♪ ) ( background conversation ) (Wesley – Student:) I’ve always had the dream of fixing cars since I was little. I used to work on lawn mowers, and I was always tinkering with stuff. ( natural sound ) I would like to become ASE certified and work in an auto shop. ( background conversation ) (Bob – Instructor:) We prepare the students to be entry-level technicians. ( natural sound ) (Wesley:) A lot of under the hood … ( natural sound ) A lot of classes are about one-fourth lecture and three-quarters in the shop work time. ( background conversation ) (Bob:) So when they get to the employer they have already been exposed to actually doing real work repair. ( background conversation ) One thing … this program makes it unique is the instructors are all master ASE-certified technicians … ( natural sound ) we have a passion for this industry … ( natural sound ) we all have many years of experience in industry … ( background conversation ) we attend training all year long to stay current. ( background conversation ) (Wesley:) I thought I knew quite a bit when I came here, and … it’s really shown me that there’s a lot more to learn than what meets the eye. ( ♪♪ )