Automotive Technician: Danielle Tinney

My name is Daniele Tinney, and I am in the Automotive Technician program at Dakota County Technical College.
I chose Dakota County Technical College for the environment. When I first went
there everyone was really nice and really professional. I really liked the
shop layout and the instructors, they seemed very professional, as well in the
program. I learned engine performance in Matt’s class. That was one of my favorite courses. Everything became more full circle. I understood more of, not only how
cars operate, but what would happen if something were to not operate the way it
should and how that would affect other systems as well. Currently, I am learning about transmissions in class and it is a lot
to take in, but I do enjoy it and I’m excited to learn more. As we all know,
technology has changed throughout the years. Ten years ago cars were not as
complex as they are today. I also look at it this way, “What are cars going to
have ten years from now for technology?” We’re going to need technicians that
know how to work on these systems, and not only that, but know how to diagnose where the issues are. Diagnostics is something that I’m actually really interested in.
It’s a challenge for me. You have to know how to brainstorm. You need to know where to start in a situation and where the problems do
occur. I currently work at Superior Service Center in Eagan, Minnesota. I started here freshman year of college, and it really gave me
more of a hands-on feel of what exactly I was getting into for my career.
Superior Service Center has given me many opportunities more of a hands-on
feel as well. I enjoy everyone that I work with and
there’s always something new that comes through the doors, and that’s what
inspires me more every day to continue what I am doing. [Rock Music]