Automotive Service Technology

Students here learn all about the automobile. We teach all the 8 different ASE areas. When students come to school here they’ll have a lot of hands on training on everything from air conditioning, electrical, transmissions, every system in the car, we cover. They learn everything from customer complaints, to troubleshooting the vehicles and even making repair estimates. We offer a lot more hands on training for the students, and being from a dealership and independent shop background, we allow the students to learn more on management of a shop, all the way down to the oil change position of a shop. You’ll learn a lot here…you will. You get a whole bunch of hands on work. It’s not book work all day, it’s not. You’re in here for maybe about an hour for lecture, then you’re in the shop for maybe like 5 hours. A student that wants to be in the automotive field needs to really enjoy it. If they really working on cars, and enjoy working with their hands, they enjoy the freedom they can have from going to work in a shop and really enjoy making their own living…then Automotive Service is a good field for them.