Automotive Radar Production Test System | Konrad Technologies ADAS Solutions

Automotive sensor technologies are evolving rapidly as autonomous vehicles become a reality. Automotive radar sensor adoption is predicted to increase rapidly in the next five years posing a challenge for automated validation and production applications. The Konrad Technologies Radar Production Test System is designed to meet the test requirements for sensor design verification and production test. The vertical orientation reduces footprint and test times with easy customization. This chamber meets several manufacturing safety standards and can function as a standalone test cell or be integrated into a radar production line. The complete single system is designed to be modular and scalable. A single system can be used simultaneously for RF measurements and obstacle simulation. It has an automation interface for control in test sequence execution with manual and automated load and unload options. The Konrad Technology’s Radar Production Test System provides several key benefits including optimize production cost increased yield and increase quality of tests. At Konrad Technologies we know how to test automotive radar sensors.