Automotive Performance Engineering (Motorsport) BEng (Hons) – a student’s view – Jeremy Illman

The course I’m studying is the Automotive Performance Engineering and we work alongside the RLR Motorsport Team. It’s highly practical but the theory’s also very intensive. At Bolton the tutors make you feel like they want you to be there. I mean it’s your time you don’t have to be there and they fully respect you for that. The tutors are definitely highly experienced in their chosen fields, whether it be aerodynamics or even just the science and physics of things. You can tell by the way they teach, it’s never boring in a class. They fully involve you. When I first came here I thought the library was like really small but then I walked right to the back of it.. and it’s huge. There’s not a single thing in there that I haven’t been able to find so far for engineering.. even when it comes to old magazines..I’ve been reading the Motorsport magazines from ’92 all the way up until 2012 and it’s all there. I think it’s brilliant because I’ve used almost every single service going so far in the Student Services.. whether it be financial, finding additional support..especially with Maths.. out of university sort of things as can look for careers..everything’s included in your course, it’s just a matter of just going out there and using them. After graduating, I think with the experience that I’ve got from the RLR Team and the actual theory from the course.. I think I’d be quite highly sought after from most industries.. because you’ve got that degree level and you’ve also got the experience working with the RLR Team so it’s not it’s not just a piece of paper saying that you’ve done the course, you’ve got that sort of knowledge base and experience so you’re already ahead of the game. You could walk ’round and have a look at the facilities. Especially the first time you walk ’round, even from the 3D printers..not every university has them.. and then you go into the engineering and, yeah, they’ve got all the tools. You go into Photography, they’ve got everything. You go into Sports, they’ve got.. everything up to spec..I think it’s a new gym in there where sports teams come in. I dunno whether it’s just British sports teams that come in but everyone’s going in there so it’s all being used