Automotive Parts Washer – Temco Automotive Parts Washer

Are you looking for a reliable Automotive
Parts Washer? Look no further than TEMCO for all your parts
washing solutions, where customer satisfaction is our Number One priority! We have been in the business of providing
automotive parts washers since 1978. We offer models in a variety of sizes, you
can even customize your TEMCO Parts Washer. Our Model T5 is used extensively in automotive
and transmission rebuilding. For Heavy Truck and Diesel parts washing,
the TEMCO T10 is perfect. All models are powder coated for dependable
service or can be fabricated in 100% stainless steel. TEMCO parts washers make dirty jobs quick
and easy! Don’t forget our highly concentrated TEMCO
detergents for your Automotive Parts Washer! They come packaged in sizes ranging from 10-pound
pails to 400-pound drums, to save you money! We don’t stop when your Automotive Parts
Washer is purchased, we pride ourselves on unsurpassed customer service after purchase. To order your Automotive Parts Washer, and
join the TEMCO family of satisfied customers, contact us at or call 800-245-1869.